Two Worlds 2 Invisible Man Tutorial

Lygofast2121 Apr 15, 2011

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    Go buy armour, trousers, boots, and gloves. A hat is optional if you wish to make your head bald.
    After that make sure you equpit it before leaving the game.


    Here are the items I'm wearing shown in Hex Editor.


    Now its time to ID Item Swap what you are wearing. Here is the first example, now please note for
    a complete list of ID Names please visit
    We have the armour here which is the torso part only. You can replace it with any ID name you want
    but I choose a ring because the characters in the ID are very short. If the character of an ID is longer
    then what you are trying to replace, IT WON'T WORK in Hex Editor unless someone makes a program like they
    did for Borderlands aka Willow Tree.


    Now if the ID is shorter than what you are trying to replace then null the rest of the hex for that ID out with 00's.
    As you see below I came up 1 character short so I changed the last byte to 00. If you don't then there
    will be some major errors when trying to load up your game or it just won't read what ID is suppose to
    be there.


    As you see below I finished replacing the items I was wearing with a ring. Now lets see what happens.

    There ya go everything except your head is now invisible. Also you can see I am now bald which you can't
    legitly do in the game. DOWNSIDE TO THE MOD PLEASE READ THIS,
    if you siwtch classes or replace what you are wearing with another item or take these items off they will become regular items once again
    and you will not be invisible anymore. So this is the true test to see who can really mod or not on this game. Because I know with my experience
    in the game I meet a lot of leechers who claim they can mod but fail to present knowledge on how to.


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