Twitch and Xbox Enhancing Their Systems

Nasyr Dec 10, 2014

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    Twitch and Xbox have no combined there lack of better minds together to make your streaming and watching abilities and quality better. Xbox has added new options that allow you to watch multiple twitch channels at once which provides a huge advantage to the people that really like Twitch and like more then one person. Twitch has also added the ability for streamers to choose which traffic there channel should go to. This helps out new Twitch streamers get more viewers to there channel. You can be really good at a game but, it wont help you go anywhere if you aren't getting the viewers you want.


    Streaming on the Xbox has been enhanced to register pixels better and faster through out the twitch experience. If you have problems with the quality of Twitch, they ask that you report it directly to them so they can asses for fixes or bugs. You may also filter through Twitch by limiting and selecting things you do and don't like. These setting will then be saved for the next time you visit Twitch, and then will start to send you suggestions of popular twitches you may find interest in, from what you have selected. If anything I think these new updates will for sure make it a way better experience to watch and stream then it has been before.
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