[Tutorial] Replacing An Existing Gamer Profile With A New Profile

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    Hey Guys,

    In this Tutorial, You'll be looking at creating a new XBOX 360 Gamer Profile to replace it over an existing or current profile with the same Profile ID so that Gamesaves that are associated with a Gamer Profile will be able to be associated with a newly created Gamer Profile. Just like rehashing and resigning a gamesave, This tutorial uses the same principles but with a Gamer Profile.

    Recommended for Offline Profile use only or a LIVE Profile(That uses Offline only for Avatar items purposes)
    *(Not For Xbox LIVE Users)

    Always Backup your existing Gamer Profile to a safe place before modding or tempering with those files. If you're not sure what you're doing, Please Do Not Proceed. Otherwise if you've got nothing to lose(Your Profile) then by all means carry on with the Tutorial.

    Important Notes:

    1. Only use this tutorial if you have messed up your Profiles that are filled with corrupted files as such but not to the extent that the files can't be read on the computer and/or console.

    2. This tutorial may or may not work for all users so to be safe, Always Backup the files that you are about to mod and temper with.

    3. Your Achievements will be removed as you are creating a new Profile. Your Achievements will not be recoverable and/or some achievements will not be unlocked as it depends on the gamesave as to how far you have played for example if you have unlocked Achievement (1) and (2), Replacing a Profile and continuing your game will only unlock Achievements (3), (4) onwards whilst leaving Achievement (1) and (2) locked throughout but those Achievements could be unlocked if you replay the affected part of the game again. So use this Tutorial if you don't really care about Achievements.

    4. Using an Achievement unlocker is not recommended as it tends to glitch some or most of the Achievements on most games as well as causes Gamerscores to have errors which causes the Gamerscore to drop to Zero as well as causes an active profile to auto sign-out and/or cause your Avatar to grey out and also corrupts the Achievements which doesn't let you view a game's Achievement as you will be in a Loading Loop where all achievements for that game will be blanked out when you view it in Le Fluffie program and only way to remove that game achievements is to make a new profile

    Tested on:

    XBOX 360 Slim 4GB Corona
    RGH Glitch 2
    Dash: 16537
    FSD 3 rev 775

    *XBOX 360 Content Manager v3.0(Recommended) was used to rehash and resign the newly created Gamer Profile.

    So Lets Get Started!

    1. Make sure you've gotten Apps like Xexmenu and FSD installed which are essential programs for your RGH/JTAG consoles.

    2. Along with your existing Profile, Create a New Profile which you are going to replace it over to your existing Profile.
    (Create a New Profile using your Console Only and Must be created in the Xbox 360 Original NXE Menu/Dashboard so to prevent errors such as Extremely slow loading of all avatar items and Storage Devices etc).

    3. Use your preferred way to transfer the two Profiles to your computer(Existing and New Profile), The directory of the profiles will look something like: (Example) OnBoardMU \ Content \ E00000415200000E \ FFFE07D1 \ 00010000 \ E00000415200000E. You'll need to Sign out of your profile before doing any transferring.

    4. Using XBOX 360 Content Manager v3.0 program, Navigate to your profiles that you just transferred in step 3 and copy the Profile ID of your existing profile onto the new profile
    (The Game Name for the New Profile should be Xbox 360 Dashboard and Package Title should be (Example) E00000415200000E)

    5. Once you're done rehashing and resigning your new profile, Rename the file with the same Profile ID as you did in step 4(Otherwise the Console won't detect the Profile) and then transfer the file back to your console which the directory will still be: (Example) OnBoardMU \ Content \ E00000415200000E \ FFFE07D1 \ 00010000 \ E00000415200000E

    That's it!

    Bonus Tips!

    1. To Convert an Offline Profile to a LIVE Profile for using it with Patched Avatar Items as such, Use 360mpGui program to do that. Just use the Default XUID(Recommended) that is provided by the program.

    2. To Convert a LIVE Profile back to an Offline Profile, Try using Velocity - Xbox360 Cross-Platform File Manager program but do note that velocity's other features does have bugs that causes corrupted files on the profile its attending to or have been already saved before within velocity especially with Achievement Unlocker and runtime errors with Profile cleaner.

    So just use Velocity for Converting a LIVE Profile back to an Offline Profile so you can remove Games without Achievements then revert back to a LIVE Profile(For Offline use with Avatar Items) .
    (Using a Profile Editor/Modifier always has risk of corrupting data on the profile so Always Backup the files that you are about to mod and temper with)

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