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    Let's begin.

    To get 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption, you need to:

    -Complete all 57 Story Missions
    -Collect all 5 Rare Weapons
    -Collect all 9 Outfits
    -Buy all 13 Houses
    -Work all 5 Jobs
    -Beat all 8 Gang Hideouts
    -Get Legendary Status in/Complete all 4 Challenges.
    -Collect/Capture/Kill all 20 Bounties.
    -Help all 18 Strangers (There are 19! *I know you* Does not COUNT!*)
    -Win all 6 Mini Games
    -Discover all 94 Map Locations


    57 of them, must complete all for 100% (Any medal counts as completion)


    Complete, at least once, all of the following 5 jobs:
    -Ridgewood Horse Breaking (Located at Ridgewood farm, in New Austin)
    -Chuporosa Horse Breaking (Located at Chuporosa, in Mexico)
    -Chuporosa Night Watch (Located at Chuporosa, in Mexico)
    -Mc Farlen's Ranch Night Watch (Located at Mc Farlen's Ranch, in New Austin)
    -Blackwater Night Watch


    Must purchase all 13 houses, rent able beds do not count as a house.

    -Mc Farlen's Ranch: First house, receive automatically.
    -Armadillo: Saloon House, on Second floor.
    -Thieve's Landing: Second floor, near water and bridge.
    -Irish's Shack:
    -Chuparosa: House
    -Escalera: House
    -Puerto Chuchillo (North East of Escalara)
    -Casa Madrugada: House
    -Pacific Union R.R Camp: House
    -Manzita Post: House *Thanks to Codenman*
    -Beecher's Hope: Don't need to purchase
    -BlackWater Saloon: Second floor
    -RathSkeller Fork: House
    -Ridgewood Farm: Rent able only [Not needed for 100%] *Thanks to Codenman*
    -Near Planview: Rent able only [Not needed for 100%]


    Must complete (I think you must win or come out profitable, but not 100%) all 6 mini games found across the game world. Does not matter where you do them.

    -Liars Dice
    -Arm Wrestling
    -Horse Shoes
    -5 Finger Fillet

    Must complete all 8 Main Gang Hideout Missions. Do this by ridding the hideout of all gang members, and completing any side objectives.
    As long as the mission is completed, it counts, so even if you let a hostage die or something similar, you still get completion status.


    Twin Rocks, becomes available after completing Bonnie's mission, "New Friends, Old Problems". Twin Rocks is located north of Armadillo, past Cholla Springs. As you approach you will see a yellow "x" on your screen and you will be prompted to meet the rancher behind the rock where the "x" is located. He informs you that a gang has taken his daughter captive in the small hideout. First take out the snipers on each of the two rocks, then move forward into the camp. Take out all the enemies and enter the house where the daughter is located. The head gangmember will use the girl as his shield. Use your Dead Eye mode with the to take him out with one shot to the head and save the daughter to finish this easy hideout. You will receive the Volcanic Pistol and find several chests to loot for your reward.

    ---Pikes Basin--- *thanks to Codenman* *Thanks to DaveyHasselhoff*
    Pike's Basin becomes available after you complete Marshall Johnson's mission, "Justice in Pike's Basin". You can get into the canyons leading into Pikes Basin if you head north of Armadillo to the Hanging Rock, then follow the road to the right of the rock into the opening of the canyon. Once inside the canyon, you will be prompted to meet up with the rancher behind some rocks with a yellow "x" indicated. He tells you that the gang stole his herd of cattle. Fight your way through the canyon until you come to the camp. Just before you get to the camp if you have already activated the Funny Man stranger mission you will find him tied up on an upper road on the right side if you take the path to the right from the beginning. Free him and listen to him then continue on. Take out all the gang members in the hideout and the rancher will ask you to escort him part of the way out of the canyon. Whistle for your trusty horse and lead the way. He will tend to the herd and you take out any members until the cinematic displays that you are victorious. You will receive the Sawed off Shotgun for completing this hideout.

    ---Gaptooth Breach--- *thanks to Codenman* *Thanks to DaveyHasselhoff*
    Gaptooth Breach, will be available after you finish Irish's mission, "Man is Born Unto Trouble". Gapttoth Breach is a small mining tent hideout that is located on the left side of your map just to the left of where it reads Gaptooth Breach. Approach the hideout from the road to the south and you will get the prompt to meet the injured man behind the crates at the yellow "x". He informs you that his partner was taken captive and that hes badly wounded and must leave to a doctor. The partner is located in a building on the left side but before you save him move to the right side and move counter clockwise through the camp taking out all the gang members. Once they are ll dead take out the remaining couple at the hideout and cut the friend free. He then tells you he knows of a treasure in the mine and he will split it with you if you lead the way. Escort him through the mine and stick to the left passage. Down this passage if you have activated the Funny Man stranger quest you will find him hogtied behind some boxes. Free him and listen to his cinematic then continue on. When you get to the bottom, he finds out it was only one little treasure chest and then tells you that you can have it and he stays behind for some unthinkable reason. Fight your way back out of the mine and the hidout will be complete. You will receive the Springfield Rifle and Treasure Hunter Outfit Scrap 5 for finishing this hideout.

    ---Fort Mercer--- *thanks to Codenman* *Thanks to DaveyHasselhoff*
    The Fort Mercer gang hideout side quest will available after Irish's "We Shall be Together in Paradise" mission. After you regain access to the U.S. from Mexico head on over there and you will get a prompt to meet the gunslinger by the wall that is marked with a yellow "x". He will have you climb some boxes to infiltrate the fort. Once you have done that, kill the guys at the top then move your way to the bottom and open the doors for him and he will come in and help you. Next move around the forst killing all the gang members and then kill the gang leader when he decides to come out. Once the Fort is clear, the gunslinger will ask you to follow him to the treasure room ending the area. You will receive the Semi-Automatic Pistol for clearing the fort.

    ---Tumbleweed--- *thanks to Codenman* *Thanks to DaveyHasselhoff*
    Tumbleweed is the first available Gang Hideout and is available once you compete "New Friends, Old Problems" story mission. Tumbleweed is located at Gaptooth Ridge. Head into the town first and free the sherrif who has been tied up in a small building to the left of the guy being hanged in the middle of town. Once he is free he will help you dispatch the rest of the goons in the town as you move around the town killing them. Once they are all dead head over to the mansion with the sherrif. Kill the guards on the porch then head arund the left side of the mansion and head down into the basement. Kill the two rogues in the basement then move upstairs and take out the remaining enemies. Once the mansion is clear you will be rewarded with some money and the Winchester Repeater rifle.

    ---Nosalida--- *Thanks to DaveyHasselhoff*
    Nosalida becomes available after you complete Irish's mission, "We Shall be Together in Paradise". This fort is on the left side of the Mexcan map where it says Nosalida. As you approach the prompt will tell you to meet the General of the Army behind the rock at the yellow "x". He will tell you to take some Fire Bombs to burn down their houses. Now the hard part is making sure you don"t hit any of the Mexican Army while killing gang members. Move through the hideout while making sure that your targets are the red blips to kill and take them all out. Once you are done use the Fire Bombs to set fire to the 2 boats and the 3 houses in the hidout, then return to the General to complete the mission. For your troubles he will give you the Henry Repeater rifle.

    ---Tesora Azul--- *Thanks to RedDeadFan*
    Tesoro Azul, fortified ruins of a catholic mission, lies between Escalero and Cuperosa in Nuevo Pariso. Fast travel or ride out there and you are prompted to "kill all gang members".
    Shoot the guy outside the entrance, a couple of more guys will open the gates and come at you, shoot them, find some cover and take out the rest of the gang members. Upon shooting the last one you're prompted to "rescue the deputy by killing the gang leader". Follow the red skull on your minimap, enter the house. The gang leader is holding the deputy as a hostage in the room to the right, so make sure you have some dead eye for an easy headshot.
    !!Also worth mentioning is you have to clear out Tesoro Azul doing the "Funny man" stranger quest.!!

    ---Cuchinoy--- [Not Needed for 100%] *Thanks to RedDeadFan*
    West Elizabeth, only used as a hideout in a mission. It's barren before and after. Probably will be used in some DLC or something similar.


    1. American Lobbyist

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * First Location: "Blackwater" Gazebo type thing in between bank and police station in blackwater. *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy:You have to blackmail a man inside blackwater bank with pictures,bank is only open during daytime. *Thanks to JADO*

    2. Remember My Family

    * Required Mission: "The Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed"
    * First Location: "Blackwater"

    3. The Wronged Woman

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * First Location: "Blackwater" Church just outside of blackwater *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy:You have to visit a man in blackwater saloon,challenge him to a duel loot his body and return the money to the woman in the church.Then visit the dead mans grave two days later. *Thanks to JADO*

    4. The Prohibitionist

    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time" & #3 "The Wronged Woman"
    * First Location: "Blackwater"

    5. Aztec Gold

    * Required Mission: "Must a Savior Die?"
    * First Location: "Sidewinder Gulch"

    6. Poppycock

    * Required Mission: "Civilization, at Any Price"
    * First Location: "Chuparosa"
    * Strategy: After accepting the mission, go to the docks northwest of Escalara and collect the package. Then go to El Matador and deliver the package and receive the 1000$ !! Then deliver it back to the original stranger in Chuporosa. You can either give him the 1000$ (and get 400 honor!) or keep it your self.

    If you keep the money, then you get the 1000$ and complete the mission. I dont think you lose any honor (Long as you don't shoot him) but if you do, it will be maximum 100, most likely you just lose 50 honor for keeping it. *Thanks to teh-koala*

    7. Love is the Opiate

    * Required Mission: "Empty Promises" & #6 "Poppycock"
    * First Location: "El Matadero"

    8. Eva in Peril

    * Required Mission: "Lucky in Love"
    * First Location: "Casa Madrugada"

    9. Deadalus and Son

    * Required Mission: "We shall be Together in Paradise"
    * First Location: "Agave Viejo"

    "I Know You" does NOT count to 100%! Because you can not finish it after you complete the main storyline.

    10. I Know You

    * Required Mission: "A tempest Looms"
    * First Location: "Mescalero" - New Austin
    * Strategy: You must confront a man that is going to cheat on his wife, the man is located in thieves landing.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "We Shall be together in paradise"
    * Second Location: "Alta Cabeza" - Mexico
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * Third Location: "Beecher's Hope" - West Elizabeth

    11. Lights Camera Action

    * Required Mission: "The Sport of Kings and Liars"
    * First Location: "Armadillo" Back room of the movie house/school house in Armadillo
    * Strategy: Must win a deed to a house in a game of Liars Dice in Thieves Landing. Fairly simple, just go there and win a game.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "An Appointed Time"
    * Second Location: "Pacific Union Railroad Camp" Benedict point *Thanks to JADO*
    * Strategy: You have to duel a man but cannot kill him shoot him in his right hand. *Thanks to JADO*

    12. Who are you to Judge

    * Required Mission: "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans"
    * First Location: "Rathskeller Fork"

    13. Water and Honesty

    * Required Mission: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    * First Location: between "Armadillo and MacFarlane's Ranch"

    14. Jenny's Faith

    * Required Mission: "This is Armadillo USA"
    * First Location: "Ridgewood Farm"
    * Strategy: Just buy medicine in a general store and then give it to her.

    15. Flowers for a lady

    * Required Mission: "New Friends, Old Problems"
    * First Location: between "MacFarlane's Ranch and Thieve's Landing"
    * Strategy: Must collect 3 of each of the following flowers.
    -Red Sage (Rio Bravo)
    -Wild Feverlow (Caholla)
    -Desert Sage (Gaptooth Ridge)

    16. Let No Man Put Asunder

    * Required Mission: "Obstacles in Our Path"
    * First Location: Coot's Chapel

    17. California

    * Required Mission: "Women and Cattle"
    * First Location: "Gaptooth Ridge"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Second Location: "Cueva Seca"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Third Location: "Gaptooth Ridge"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
    * Fourth Location: "Tumbleweed"

    18. Funny Man

    * Required Mission: "Exhuming and Other fine hobbies"
    * First Location: "Benedict Point"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Man is born Unto Trouble"
    * Second Location: "Gaptooth Breech"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Man is born Unto Trouble"
    * Third Location: "Pike's Basin"
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Empty Promises"
    * Fourth Location: "Tesoro Azul"

    19. American Appetites

    * Required Mission: "Political Realities in Armadillo"
    * First Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for the bloody remains.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Justice in Pike's Basin"
    * Second Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for the bloody remains.
    * -------
    * Required Mission: "Wild Horses Tamed Passions"
    * Third Location: "Armadillo"
    * Strategy: Just place a marker near the middle of the purple dot on your map. Ride out, and search for a hurt man. Follow game instructions after that, fairly easy.

    If you are having trouble finding them you can use a Survivalists Map which will display all the plants in your area on your mini map for 10 minutes.
    Level 5 Master Survivalist Perk: Survivalist Maps last 20 minutes
    Level 10 Legendary Survivalist Perk: Ability to make a consumable Dead Eye aiming rejuvinating item.

    Suvivalist challeneges

    * Suvivalist 1
    Requirement: 6 Wild Feverlow
    Strategy: These are small bushes of white flowers that sit very low to the ground. You can find these all over on the first map but primarily in Hennigan's Stead and Cholla Springs.

    * Suvivalist 2
    Requirement: 6 Desert Sage
    Strategy: These are large bushes with purple flowers. You can find these in abundance around Gaptooth Ridge.

    * Suvivalist 3
    Requirement: 4 Red Sage
    Strategy: These are bushes with reddish/brown flowers on top making them quite difficult to see. These are found primarily around Rio Bravo.

    * Suvivalist 4
    Requirement: 8 Prickly Pears
    Strategy: These are very easy to find. They are small cactus' with giant orange flowers on them. These are found right around the landing area when you first enter Mexico.

    * Suvivalist 5
    Requirement: 7 Woolly Blue Curls
    Strategy: These bushes have purple flowers on them and grow in the areas around Perdido.

    * Suvivalist 6
    Requirement: 8 Butterfly Weeds
    Strategy: These are smaller bushes with orange flowers on them. They are found around Diez Coronas.

    * Suvivalist 7
    Requirement: 10 Hummingbird Sage
    Strategy: These are difficult to see as they sit low to the ground and have a tall white/purple flower in them. You can find these around Tall Trees.

    * Suvivalist 8
    Requirement: 12 Prairie Poppies
    Strategy: These are yellow flower patches that grow in the Great Plains.

    * Suvivalist 9
    Requirement: 15 Golden Currants
    Strategy: These are big green bushes that grow on the Great Plains.

    * Suvivalist 10
    Requirement: 10 Violet Snowdrops AND 2 more of every other herb already collected.
    Strategy: These bushes have purple flowers at the top and grow in Tall Trees. The other plants for this challenge are listed above.

    Level 5 Master Hunter Perk: Buffalo Rifle
    Level 10 Legendary Hunter Perk: Ability to harvest Vittles from animals for a consumable health item.

    hunting challenges

    * Master Hunter 1
    Requirement: Collect 5 Coyote Pelts
    Strategy: Coyotes can be found all over. They travel in small packs and make a fairly whiny noise. They are also afraid of people and will run from you.

    * Master Hunter 2
    Requirement: Collect 5 Deer Pelts
    Strategy: Deer are found all over. I noticed that Bucks DO NOT count towards this.

    * Master Hunter 3
    Requirement: Kill 5 wolves with your Knife and collect 5 Wolf Pelts
    Strategy: Wolves are larger than Coyotes and travel in bigger packs. There are some in scattered locations around the first map around Rathskella Fork. There are ALOT of Wolves in Mexico as well. They are very agressive and will come after you. They also make an aggresice barking sound when you are around them. When you hear the barking jump off your horse and ready your knife to attack them. They die easily with the knife if you wait for them to charge you then slash when they are close.

    * Master Hunter 4
    Requirement: Collect 5 Boar Tusks and 3 Armadillo Carapaces
    Strategy: Armadillos are located all over the maps and will be easy to find. Boars are a little trickier. There are occasionally Boars around Hennigan's Stead, and there are some around Tall Trees.

    * Master Hunter 5
    Requirement: Kill 2 Cougars with your Knife and collect 2 Cougar Pelts
    Strategy: The sneaky annoying Cougars can be found in the mountains all over. They are very aggressive and will give a very menacing Wild Cat scream before attacking. If you are on a horse they will take out your horse with one swipe. If you hear one jump off your horse and prepare to battle with your knife.

    * Master Hunter 6
    Requirement: Collect 5 Raccoon Pelts, 5 Skunk Pelts, and 5 Fox Pelts
    Strategy: Raccoons and Skunks can bothe be found around Hennigans Stead and Cholla Springs. Foxes are a little more elusive and have very bushy tails. You can find them around Riley's Charge.

    * Master Hunter 7
    Requirement: Collect 5 Elk Meat and 5 Bighorn Skins
    Strategy: Bighorn Sheep can be found in the hills around Rathskella Fork and in the hills in Mexico around Diez Coronas and in the Tall Trees area of the North. You will hear a sheep sound if you are around one. Elk are found in the area around tall trees and are bigger than deer.

    Sharpshooter challenges

    * Sharpshooter 1
    Requirement: Shoot and Kill 5 Flying Birds
    Strategy: Easy enough just watch the sky for some birds and then Dead Eye Aim them or take them out manually.

    * Sharpshooter 2
    Requirement: Shoot and Kill 5 Rabbits
    Strategy: Rabbits can be more elusive, but you can get a bunch easily on Bonnie's first mission if you have already activated this level. If not they can be found all over.

    * Sharpshooter 3
    Requirement: Kill 5 Coyotes without taking any Coyote damage
    Strategy: Easy enough as Coyotes wont generally get aggressive and attack you if you are on your horse.

    * Sharpshooter 4
    Requirement: Kill 5 flying birds from a moving train
    Strategy: Board the train from either Armadillo or Bonnie's farm, climb the ladder to the top and ride the train to the next station dead Eye killing any birds on the way.

    * Sharpshooter 5
    Requirement: Kill any 2 different types of animals in 1 Dead Eye Meter
    Strategy: Not as difficult as it sounds, when you see an animal look around for another, if you see one Dead Eye each one and shoot them. If they both die you win.

    * Sharpshooter 6
    Requirement: Shoot the hat's off 2 different people's heads
    Strategy: This one can be a little difficult until you figure it out. For this you must shoot off their hats without them dieing. Get close to someone wearing a hat then Dead Eye aim and aim for the brim of their hat on the side to shoot it off.

    * Sharpshooter 7
    Requirement: Kill 3 Bears with a single head shot each
    Strategy: Tricky Bears. For this one you need to let them get really close then Dead Eye aim and put a shot in their head from pointblank range. Use the Shotgun for more power.

    * Sharpshooter 8
    Requirement: Shoot the hats off two people's heads AND disarm 2 people
    Strategy: See the steps above for shooting hats off heads. Use your Dead Eye aiming to aim for enemies hands to disarm them.

    * Sharpshooter 9
    Requirement: Kill any 6 wild animals including birds, without reloading or changing weapons
    Strategy: For this one pick a weapon with a high power like a rifle that holds several bullets. Next find a bunch of easy animals like coyotes and rabbits and what not. Kill 6 in a row without changing guns or reloading to complete this.

    * Master Hunter 8
    Requirement: Kill a Bear with your Knife and collect 1 Bear Pelt
    Strategy: Bears are found in the area of Tall Trees in the north. Since you have to use your knife, I suggeest buying some bait and coaxing them to it first then attacking.
    I found that the best way to do Master Hunting Challenge 8 is to first shoot the bear in the eye with the henry repeater and then slash it with the knife. After the shot in the face only one slash is needed to kill it and you still complete the challenge. *Thanks to Twyzted7*

    * Master Hunter 9
    Requirement: Search Ojo Del Diablo for "Khan" the Jaguar and collect his pelt
    Strategy: Khan can be found in the Ojo Del Diablo. If you are having trouble finding him try using some bait to lure him out.

    * Master Hunter 10
    Requirement: Search Aurora Basin, Stillwater Creek and Nekoti Rock for "Lobo" the Wolf, "Gordo" the Boar and "Brumas" the Bear and collect their pelts
    Strategy: Lobo is located in the Tall Trees area near the small lake on the edge of the map. Gordo is located in the Stillwater Creek area near Thieve's Landing. Brumas is located at Nekoti Rock above the Tall Trees area of your map.

    rare weapons:

    Must collect/buy all 5 rare weapons

    -- Mauser Pistol--
    Location: Blackwater
    Price: $800
    Prerequisite: None

    -- LeMat Revolver--
    Location: Escalara
    Price: $1250
    Prerequisite: "An Appointed Time" Mission

    -- Evans Repeater--
    Location: Blackwater
    Price: $1000
    Prerequisite: None

    -- Semi-Auto Shotgun--
    Location: Escalara
    Price: $1100
    Prerequisite: None

    -- Carcano Sniper Rifle--
    Location: Blackwater
    Price: $1100
    Prerequisite: None

    Wanted Posters/Bounties:

    Must Complete All Locations for 100%, not necessarily all people, so "???" bounties could be needed for 100%

    *Thanks to Twyzted7*
    New Austin - 8 - Armadillo, Rathskellar Fork, MacFarlane's Ranch

    Hanging Rock
    Rattlesnake Hollow
    Mercer Station
    Rio Del Lobo
    Silent Stead
    Repentance Rock
    Brittlebrush Trawl

    Neuva Paradiso - 8 - El Presidio, Escalera, Chuparosa

    Ojo Del Diablo
    Laguna Barrego
    Rancho Polvo
    Hendidura Grande
    Plata Grande
    Primera Quebara

    West Elizabeth - 4 - Blackwater

    Bearclaw Camp
    Nakoti Rock
    Tanner's Reach
    Aurora Basin

    With posters spawning each day at 7-730am game time.

    Named Bounties:
    Moses Lowson -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Isaiah Greeley -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Americus Eoe -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Hestor frith -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Grant Avary-- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Charlie Hinkle -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Zeebedee Nash -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Melvin Spinney -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Ralph Stricker -- Black water ---- West Elizabeth
    Kent Galllway -- Blackwater ---- West Elizabeth
    Sergio Abelda --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Mateo Clisante --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Cristio Busamante --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Ramrio De la Torre ---- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Cesar Higueras --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Benito Penagarza --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Geraldo Elisaldez --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Jorge Reynoso --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Rigberto Artiz --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Raul Ontiberos ---- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Selestino Herrada ---- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Julian Coronado --- Escalera, Chuparosa, & Elpresidio ---- Neuvo Pariso
    Moe Van Barr --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Perry Rose --- Armadillo ---- New Austin
    Cooper Reed --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Rufus Higbree --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Cody witlow --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Dale Chessson --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Link Huston --- Armadillo --- New Austin
    Charlie Mash --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Julius Grimes --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Slink Bradshaw --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Harry Dobbing --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Irvin Pennick --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Maurice Sweet --- Macfarlane's Ranch --- New Austin
    Roscoe Duffy --- Rathskeller Fork --- New Austin
    Harlen Forbes --- Rathskeller Fork --- New Austin


    NOT sure which ones are needed for 100%
    R* says there are 9 outfits needed for 100% but there are more then 9 in game outfits, so first one to confirm this one would be a big help.

    * Cowboy Outfit
    Prerequisite: Start the Game (Default Outfit)
    Benefit: None
    Scraps: None

    * Elegant Suit [NEED for 100%]
    - purchased from tailor in Thieves' Landing

    * Rancher [NEED for 100%]
    - unlocked after mission "The Outlaw's Return"

    * Poncho [NEED for 100%]
    - you get it after you buy a safe house in Mexico

    * Bollard Twins [NEED for 100%]
    - to unlock it, kill a Bollard Twins member
    Scrap 1: Inside the Thieves' Landing warehouse where you rescue Shaky during the "On Shaky's Ground" mission
    Scrap 2: Successfully complete a Nightwatch job at MacFarlane's ranch
    Scrap 3: Win at Horseshoes at MacFarlane's ranch
    Scrap 4: Claim a Bollard Twins Gang bounty alive
    Scrap 5: Defend residents of Hennigen's Stead from the Bollard Twin's gang (random event)
    Scrap 6: Purchase from the tailor in Thieves' Landing
    -Benefits: Bollard Twins gang members consider you a friend unless you take aggressive action

    * Treasure Hunters [NEED for 100%]
    - to unlock it, kill a Treasure Hunter member
    Scrap 1: In the chest in the abandoned house in Silent Stead, Southwest of Rathskeller Fork
    Scrap 2: Successfully complete "California" Stranger's task
    Scrap 3: Make a profit playing Blackjack at Rathskeller Fork
    Scrap 4: Claim a Treasure Hunter bounty alive
    Scrap 5: Successfully complete Gaptooth Breach Hideout
    Scrap 6: Purchase from the tailor in Thieves' Landing
    -Benefits: Treasure Hunters consider you a friend unless you take aggressive action

    * Bandito [NEED for 100%]
    - to unlock it, kill a Bandito member
    Scrap 1: In a chest inside a tent on a plateau in Sidewinder Gulch, south of the crossroads
    Scrap 2: Successfully complete a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa
    Scrap 3: Defeat all in players in a round of Liar's Dice in Casa Madrugada
    Scrap 4: Claim a Bandito bounty alive
    Scrap 5: Defend the residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks
    Scrap 6: Purchase at the general store in Chuparosa
    -Benefits: Banditos and outlaws in Mexico consider you a friend unless you take aggressive action

    * Reyes' Rebels [NEED for 100%]
    - to unlock it finish mission "An Appointed Time"
    Scrap 1: In a chest inside the graveyard in Sepulcro, near an outer wall, close to where you had the option to execute De Santa
    Scrap 2: Successfully complete the "Poppycock" Stranger's task
    Scrap 3: Successfully complete a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa
    Scrap 4: Successfully complete the "Love is the Opiate" Stranger's task
    Scrap 5: Win at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada
    Scrap 6: Purchase the general store in Escalera
    -Benefits: The Mexican authorities will treat you kindly. Mexican Law Posses and the Mexican Army will not pursue you.

    * U.S. Army [NEED for 100%]
    - to unlock it finish mission "An Appointed Time"
    Scrap 1: In Aurora Basin, inside a cabin on the small lake
    Scrap 2: Win at Arm Wrestling in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp
    Scrap 3: Eliminate all other players in a game of Poker in Blackwater
    Scrap 4: Successfully complete the "Lights, Camera, Action" Stranger's task
    Scrap 5: Successfully complete a Nightwatch job in Blackwater
    Scrap 6: Purchase from the tailor in Blackwater
    -Benefits: You will look like U.S. Army enlisted men, but your disguise will be unconvincing.

    * U.S. Marshall [NEED for 100%]
    - after you pass mission "The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed" you will have to go to all gang hideouts in the U.S. and complete them all in less than 24 hours in game time.
    - U.S. gang hideouts: Tumbleweed, Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, Gaptooth Breach and Fort Mercer
    -Benefits: You will be considered part of the law enforcement in the U.S. U.S. Posses and Marshals will not pursue you.

    * Gentelman's Attire
    Prerequisite: Sign up to Rockstar's Social Club
    Benefit: Lets you gamble for high stakes in black water.
    Scraps: none

    * Legend of the West
    Prerequisite: Get legendary status for ALL ambient Skill Challenges *Thanks to .Cody*
    Benefit: Increased Dead Eye ability
    Scraps: none

    * Deadly Assassin
    Prerequisite: Pre-order Bonus
    Benefit: Dead Eye regenerates twice as fast
    Scrap 1: In a chest in Coots Chapel
    Scrap 2: Clear out Twin Rocks Hideout
    Scrap 3: Capture or kill Moe van Barr (New Austin Bounty target)
    Scrap 4: Win a duel in Amarillo
    Scrap 5: Successfully complete "American Appetites" Stranger mission
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    Thanks this helped me quite abit on a few missions that I was stuck on. This should be promoted to an article to help gamers on both the Xbox one and on the Xbox 360.
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    Thanks for posting, going to use this to complete the game.

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