[Tutorial] Jailbreak your AppleTV 2 on 5.2(iOS 6.1)

noneed Feb 23, 2013

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    This tutorial is written using a Mac but the principals are the same for Windows users. To begin, you need a 2nd generation Apple TV (ATV2), a microUSB cable to connect ATV2 to computer, iTunes, and the latest version of Seas0npass (Mac/Windows).

    Step 1: Launch Seas0npass and click create IPSW (nothing should be connected to the computer at this time, no iPads, iPhones, iPods and definitely not the ATV2).

    Step 2: After a while of processing, you will be prompted to connect your ATV2 and put it into DFU mode. Connect your ATV2 to the computer using only the microUSB cable and not the power cord. Next hold the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons together and count to 10 then release. The screen will prompt you that a device in DFU mode was found and begin sending programs to the ATV2 to prepare it for a restore (if it doesn't try holding the buttons again). Once it is done, it will then send the device to iTunes and restore the firmware using the custom IPSW that it just made.

    Step 3: After the long restore process has completed, unplug the ATV2 from the computer and reconnect it to your TV. You will be able to confirm that the ATV2 is jailbroken because the settings icon on the main screen will be replaced by a Firecore (makers of seas0npass) icon.


    Enjoy your Apple TV the way it was meant to be enjoyed ;)

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