[TUTORIAL] Installing a Datel Memory Transfer Kit (without their drivers)

smartie1 Jan 3, 2011

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    Part 1: What you need

    A Datel Transfer Kit


    Part 2: Installing the Transfer Kit

    Note: As of Beta 5 you can just install the Datel drivers. So just download the latest version of Xplorer 360. This will make life a lot easier for all you guys. Then continue onto the second post in this thread. Ummm actually their seems to be a few issues so still follow the instructions below.

    Instructions for versions prior to Beta5. (And for the moment present versions. Found issues with Datel drivers.)

    NOTE: Do not install the drivers that come with the transfer kit!

    1) Plug in the Datel Transfer Kit and insert your memory card.

    2) Click cancel when it asks you to install the new hardware. (This will happen twice.)

    3) Right click on 'My Computer' and select properties. Now click on the 'Hardware' tab. You should see the following screen:

    4) Now select 'Device Manager', scroll down to 'Other devices' and click on the + symbol beside it:

    5) Right click on 'Memory Unit' (if you don't see this check Part 5) and select 'Update Driver...'. If asked whether you want to connect to Windows Update select 'No, not this time' and then click 'Next'. On the next screen select 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)':

    6) On the next screen select 'Don't search I will choose the driver to install.' This should launch the hardware update wizard. Scroll down to 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' which appears near the bottom of the list:

    7) On the next screen check that 'USB Mass Storage Device' is highlighted and select 'Next'. If a 'Update Driver Warning' appears select 'Yes':

    8) Windows will now install the driver. Once this is complete the new hardware wizard will appear again. Click cancel when it does. If you now scroll back up to 'Other devices' you will notice that 'Memory Unit' has been removed and 'MSFT Memory Unit USB Device' has appeared in it's place:

    9) Now similar to before right click on 'MSFT Memory Unit USB Device'. If asked whether you want to use Windows Update again select 'No, not this time' then on the next screen select 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced). Then after clicking 'Next' select 'Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.' You should now be back at the 'Hardware Update Wizard'. Near the top of the list should be the hardware type 'Disk drives', select this option and click 'Next':

    10) Check '(Standard Disk Drives)' is highlighted under manufacturer and 'Disc Drive' under model and then click 'Next'. If you get the 'Update Driver Warning' select 'yes':

    11) You can then click finish and close 'Device Manager'. Your memory card reader is now installed.

    Part 3: Transferring Data

    NOTE1: You will now have a new 'Removable Disk' drive shown under 'My Computer'; DO NOT select or format this drive.

    Hope this helps, I've used it several times and if followed to the letter works like a dream

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