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Bullet May 1, 2010

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    How to Update your NAND via Flash360.
    By: lskywalker332

    This tutorial will give you a step by step how to properly update your NAND using Flash360

    What you’ll need:

    Xbins http://www.xbox360xp...
    XeXMenu (see other tutorials for how to install this)
    Flash360 (can be found on Xbins>Xbox 360>Dashboards>Flash360

    1. Download and launch xbins and download Flash360v1.0.zip. I have highlighted the path to find it.

    2. Open the Flash360v1.0.zip file and extract the files to a new folder called “Flash360”.

    3. Copy the Flash360 folder to a USB Flash drive and plug it into your JTAG’d Xbox 360.
    4. Put your updated NAND in the same folder. Make sure to name it “updflash.bin” or Flash360 will not find the file.

    Note: is it VERY important that you make sure your updated NAND file is correct for the xbox. If it is not you will update your console and not be able to boot. The only way to recover from a bad update is to flash the xbox via LPT or USB adapter.

    5. On your Xbox Launch XeXMenu form the Games tab. If you do not already have XeXMenu installed then check out our tutorial section as there is a step-by-step to install it on your xbox.

    6. You will be asked to sign in to a profile so just pick one. Once launched you’ll be faced with the XeXMenu main screen.

    7. Hit the right bumper (RB) once and you will be able to browse for files on your xbox 360 storage devices. If you have a HDD plugged in then it will likely be the first to show up. Use the D-pad to switch to your USB Drive directory (the one containing the Flash360 folder).

    8. Scroll to the Flash360 folder and press “A” to open the directory. Then scroll to “flash360.xex” and press “A” to launch the program.

    9. You will be faced with a blue screen similar to below. Press “X” to backup your current NAND to the USB Drive.

    10. Press the “A” button to save entire NAND to file.

    11. The program will execute and start backing up your NAND.

    Once the process has completed there will be a new file in the “Flash360” directory of your USB Thumb drive.

    12. You are now ready to update your NAND using the “updflash.bin” file you have on the USB drive. Press the back button until you are back at the main menu of Flash360.

    13. Press the “A” button to get to the write menu. You will be faced with (2) options.

    By pressing button “A” you will write your new NAND leaving your current keyvault and config files in tact on the Xbox NAND. This option would be used if you are updating XBR, Freeboot, etc and want to leave console specific information intact.

    By pressing button “B” you will overwrite the entire NAND on your Xbox with the new file that is on your USB thumb drive. This would be for if you were trying to change your keyvault to unban your console.

    If you press button “B” and the keyvault on the update does not match the keyvault on your Xbox you will be faced with a warning similar to below. Make sure you double check everything before proceeding.

    14. For this example I will be leaving the current keyvault on the NAND intact so I press the “A” button.

    15. If everything is correct and you are absolutely certain that you are not going to mess up your xbox press the “Start” button to start the flashing process. The program will give you status while it flashes and once complete will say press the back button to shutdown.

    16. Restart the xbox and enjoy your updated NAND.

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