[TUTORIAL] How to spoof a drive!

Bullet Oct 23, 2010

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    Ok so heres a tutorial on spoofing your drive!

    1. Dump your original drive using jungleflasher and save your firmware as one of the following.
    Benq = benofw.bin
    Liteon = litofw.bin
    Samsung = samofw.bin
    Hitachi = hitofw.bin

    2. Open jungleflasher (if not open already) we click the "Open source firmware" button


    3. select your drives firmware, we will click our benofw.bin as we have a Benq drive as our original.


    When an auto load message appears click "NO"

    4.Click "Open target firmware" and select the new drives ixtreme firmware. We are selecting ix16-liteon.bin as our new replacement drive is a liteon.



    5. Now we click "Spoof source to target"


    We can see the new key saved across and also the benq serial information etc.


    6. Now save the new spoofed firmware as xxx-cfw.bin (ours is lit-cfw.bin)


    We can now flash this to our new drive using the MTK FLASH 32 tab
    using any preffered flashing tool.

    If you have a liteon and you are replacing it with a benq you open your litofw.bin and open ix16-benq.bin
    If you have a hitachi and you are replacing it with a samsung you open your hitofw.bin and open ix16-sam.bin
    So on and so on.......

    Kredz Teajunkie!

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