[TUTORIAL] How To Put Unreleased Games Onto Your Profile

XPGBuSh May 15, 2011

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    Allright so, many people were wondering how to get the admin achievements, and various other achievements for games that arn't out yet

    If it only comes up with the gamerpicture of the game you want to mod over the original game, if means that the games achievements have not yet been released onto the microsoft servers so you cannot get them.


    Okayy so if you couldn't see clearly in the video here is a quick written tutorial.

    You will need:

    - Transfer Cable/USB
    - Xport360/xplorer360
    - Your Profile
    - Le Fluffie
    - HxD (Hex Editor)
    - Hash Block Calculator
    - The GPD number for a game thats on your profile
    - The GPD number for the game you want to emulate the achievements for.

    To get the GPD number for a game thats on your profile:

    - Open your profile in Le FLuffie & next to the games name there will be code, that's the GPD number for the game.

    - Then write down that code somewhere

    -Next open your profile in HxD and go to Search > Find >
    Change the data type to "Hex-Values"

    - Then copy the Game code into the "Search For" box

    - Then when it highlights the game code you wanna look on the right hand side of HxD & then it should say the name of the game a little bit underneath the game code. E.G:

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 952x714 and weights 232KB.[​IMG]

    - Next Get your other game code which you want the GPD (Game play data) for and overwrite the code which you have highlighted.

    - Then keep hitting F3 until you have overwritten them all... but only overwrite them if they have the name of the game shortly underneath them

    - Then put your profile back onto xbox

    - Sign in offline

    - Connect to XBL

    - Sign out and back in & keep on doing that until the new game appears on your games list on the dashboard

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