[Tutorial] How to Mod Star Trek Legacy using 360Revolution with Images

Rocky Jan 4, 2013

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    What you need.

    Star Trek Legacy Game.

    Starter Save after the First Mission with some Command Points to Mod (Very Important).

    Configured USB Device.

    Step 1.

    Open up 360Revolution.

    Step 2.

    Open up Gamesave Mod Tools and Scroll down to Star Trek Legacy, Then Click to open.


    Step 3.

    Click on File and open your Save from the Desktop (Your extracting point).


    Step 4.

    Now you have one modding option which is Command Points so input the amount of Command Points you need.


    Step 5.

    Now save your work and 360 Revolution will Auto Rehash and Resign your Save.

    Step 6.

    Inject your Save back on to your USB Device, Load up your Game and Enjoy.
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    ive downloaded the latest version of this 360reverlution and i have a question

    ive gollowed what you did hear and it doesent want to work for star trek legacy its driving me nuts any info where i can download a allredy modded save of this game?

    sorry i should check my typing i ment Followed** not dolloed

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