[Tutorial] How to Mod Batman Arkham City using 360Revolution with Images

Rocky Dec 31, 2012

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    What you need.

    Batman Arkham City Game.

    Starter Save with a few Upgrade Points.

    Configured USB Device.

    Step 1,

    Insert your USB Device with your Batman Arkham City Save on into your PC.

    Open up 360Revolution.

    Click on Tools.

    Then Click on USB Explorer.



    Step 2

    Click on File.

    Click Open.

    Click on Data.

    Click Content.

    Click on your Profile to locate your Batman Arkham City Save.







    Step 3.

    Right Click on your Batman Arkham City Save and Extract it to your Desktop.

    Close your USB Explorer.


    Step 4.

    Click on Gamesave Mod Tools.

    Scroll down to Batman Arkham City.

    Click on the Batman Arkham City Mod Tool.

    Click Open and select your Save from your Desktop.

    Your Save will show some Upgrade Points and Level 0 (Unmodded).

    Now add to the Points you already have and Save it & Exit. (Auto Rehash and Resigns your Save)






    Step 5.

    Now you want to Inject your Modded Save back onto your USB Device.

    So follow Steps 1 & 2 til you get back to your Profile.

    Now right Click on your Save and Click Inject.

    Select your Modded Save from your Desktop (Ignore Bak file).

    Click YES to Overwrite your Unmodded Save with your New Modded Save.



    Step 6.

    Thats it you're done.

    Now Close your USB Explorer.

    Exit 360Revolution.

    Plug your USB Device into your Xbox 360 and Load up your Modded Save, Enjoy.

    If you have any questions or trouble just reply in here and I'll do my best to help you, Sorry about the Images.

    I'm getting more Games that are in 360Revolution to do more Tutorials, So if you have any Criticism about my Tutorials Good or Bad let it be known.

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