[TUTORIAL] How to Get an Exact Copy of a Emblem/Playercard

Energy Dec 26, 2010

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    How to copy an emblem/playercard

    Hey guys, I figured I'd actually contribute today for once. This following exploit was found by MATT23116 and He take all credit for this discovery. and before you PS3 fanboys whine and *****, This is for Xbox 360, And ONLY Xbox.

    I found this out earlier on accident with my friend, and I soon found out exactly what happened. This exploit lets you have an exact copy of your friends emblem, which is fully editable and you can see the layers and objects as they are used. It even lets you have their title for free without spending CP on it.

    So, this is good for those of you who may be in a clan and all want the same exact emblem, or for those of you who would like to share a high prestige title with your friends without them having to go through the trouble of CT boosting.

    Let's get started.

    First, invite your friend to a xbox live party chat.
    once you both are in a party, invite him to your player match lobby, like you usually would.

    The person sharing their playercard with the other person will need to be the host.

    Secondly, The people recieving the playercard have to press Playercard > Edit Playercard
    You need to hover over your layer 1 but don't press anything, as if you were just looking at your emblem.

    Once they are looking at the emblem, the host must look for a game of Search and Destroy.

    You must be in a lobby preferably in the intermission, and not counting down the game timer.

    As soon as your party is in a lobby, you all will be prompted to switch from Party chat to Game chat. As soon as this message appears,

    the host of the lobby must press No. right after it will kick the host from the lobby, and an error message saying "xbox live party chat not allowed" will pop up. Press A to agree, and the host will now be back in a player match party.

    While the host is doing that part, the other player is still in the lobby with the message popped up. once the host has hit No and has been kicked, it will make a sound as if he has been kicked from the party. Once you hear that sound, hit No aswell, and it will give you the same error message as the host and kick you to the multiplayer menu. If it prompts you to save your emblem, hit "Do not save".

    Now the host needs to hit Y and go over to "Xbox live party" and hit back to invite the party.

    Once the person has accepted the invite, he should now have the same exact emblem and title as the host. The new playercard you have can be edited like normal. Say for example you wanted your friends emblem but not the title, you can change the title and still keep his emblem as if it were your own.

    Also, if it doesn't happen the first time, it may take a couple of tries. I don't know why, but it doesn't always stick 100% the first try.

    Here is some proof, sorry if the text tutorial was long, I just didn't know how to compress it and make it as easy to understand. I will also try to upload an HD video of me performing this with my friend as soon as possible.


    The playercard in the middle is mine, that is the one that will be copied to my friends, as seen in the next picture.


    As you can see with the second friend, the emblem is not always carried over and may take multiple tries.

    But other than that, I hope you guys enjoy get good use out of this.


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