[TUTORIAL] How to ftp files to your jtag

Bullet Apr 27, 2010

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    Bullet Guest

    Ok so if your using xport you will know by now that it fails whilst transferring games to your jtag right? Ok heres the solution , just set up an ftp .....


    * A JTAGged Xbox 360 with XeXMenu installed
    * A computer
    * FlashFXP or similar FTP program

    Step 1

    Go to your Xbox 360 and go to System Settings -> Network Settings -> Configure Network

    Then, look at the IP Address that your Xbox 360 is configured to.

    Go back, start XeXMenu, and go to your PC.

    Step 2

    After you have FlashFXP installed, open it and press the "Connect" button. Then fill out these settings...

    IP Address: Your Xbox 360's IP
    Port: 21
    Username: xbox
    Password: xbox

    Step 3

    Now that your connected, you can transfer files quickly between your Xbox 360 and your PC over your home network.

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