[TUTORIAL] Fix Stuck Tray Issue/Error

splatsters May 27, 2011

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    This is a fix I have been using for DVD drives that got this Open Tray issue, like when you open it it gets stuck and doesnt open.
    I didnt "develop" this fix though someone said it on xbox-scene a while ago, I cant remember his name though, so all credits go to this guy...
    This especially happens when the 360 is used in vertical stand.

    Well what you need:
    - Disassembled DVD-drive
    - A cup or something else filled with boiling water

    Well lets start...


    This is what it is supposed to look like.
    You need to have the tray open like that.
    An easy way to do this is to turn your 360 on to eject the tray and then to unplug the PSU so that the 360 gets a hard shut down( make sure the harddrive isnt in use etc)




    Then move the tray back to this point until you can see the belt


    Get the belt out of it like that...

    Then go get a cup or something else and fill it with boiled water(I put it in the microwave cause this was the easiest way...) and throw the belt in it.
    Wait for it to cool down, you can slightly cool the water down with some new cold water but dont overdo it, not too rapidly...

    Then dry the thing with a towel or so and put it back in the drive after that the drive should open just as it did when it was new

    An Addition by Deary, Thx:
    "Most of the time the drive will get stuck due to a damaged or stretched drive belt.
    There is a tutorial on here that shows putting it in boiling water. This works, but not always for a long time.

    An alternative is to have a cheap, small elastic band, double it over and put it where the drive belt goes (make sure it's tight).

    An even better solution is to use the rubber bands used for braces - 4F's (5/16" bands with a 6 oz pull) they work like a charm and your local orthodontist will give them to you for free!

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