[Tutorial] External HDD not showing up in game paths

Twisted84 Dec 2, 2012

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    After 3 packets of cigarettes, 8 gallons of coffee and some additional bald spots I figured out my External HDD problem which was not showing up in the "set game path" nor when logging onto my 360 with my pc.

    Requirments: Easeus partition manager.

    If you already made a FAT32 on your External HDD(for the tut we will use a 1TB HDD). Otherwise start with ***
    - Open up Easues partition manager.
    - Open partition manager.
    - Delete all partitions on your HDD.
    - ***Create 2 new partitions (FAT32) and hit apply (green V).
    - You will notice that in front of the first partition there is a small gray area (non-alocated space).
    - Right click on the non allocated space and make a new Fat32 partition. Will be arround the 5-15 mb max.
    - Hit apply again.
    - Now you will have 3 partitions. 1 of 5-15mb, and 2 of 499GB.
    - Delte the first 499Gb partition which is connected to the 5-15 mb partition.
    -Now select the 5-15mb partition and click resize/move. Use the scaler on the top to select all free space.
    - Hit apply again, and tadaaa your HDD will be detected.

    You can vary offcourse after this with the 2 partitions total space. Do note that the 360 only supports 1 partition and making one partition only again will result in the HDD not being visible due to non-allocated space. For some reason it seems the 360 doesn't support an external HDD when there is non allocated space on it. Seems like the 360 will tell itself the HDD is completly blank with no partitions.

    Hope this will help others as it would saved me about 4 hours of googling to possible solutions which all didn't work.

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