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    Click here to go to tutorial

    First off, open the desired profile in your favorite hex editor and search for “Medic” in Unicode.


    Now, scroll down until you find a block of bytes similar to this:

    Resized to 77% (was 787 x 606) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Find the bytes 0xA006, and from the end of those bytes, select a block equal to “0x30F” bytes.

    Resized to 77% (was 787 x 606) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]


    Go ahead and paste those bytes into another file and save it if you want.

    Second, to unlock all available weapons and items, go to 0x40 and look at the 0x14 bytes. Transform all of those bytes to 0xFF to unlock the weapons and items for all of your characters. *Note*. Some items and weapons will not work or will not be available without purchasing the King’s Pack DLC. There also might be hidden content that is to be enabled by future DLC.

    Resized to 71% (was 851 x 608) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Next in that block we extracted, the gold is stored at 0x54 and is stored as an int32.

    Resized to 68% (was 891 x 848) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Now, there are data entries stored in block for each character. These values are stored in a specific order, which goes like this:

    • bool Unlocked – One byte, unlock flag for the character (Locked is 0x00, unlocked is 0x80)
      byte Level – Stores level value, can be edited to 0xFF for maximum (level 256)
      int EXP – int32, stores EXP value
      byte Weapon – Weapon ID
      byte Pet – Pet ID
      byte Strength – Strength value
      byte Defense – Defense value
      byte Magic – Magic Value
      byte Agility – Agility Value
      byte LevelProgress1 – Progress for story on left side of the dock (0xFF Unlocks all)
      byte LevelProgress2 - Progress for story on right side of the dock (0xFF Unlocks all)
      byte unk1 – Not known to do anything (yet?)
      byte Potions – Stores number of potions
      byte Bombs – Stores number of bombs
      byte Sandwiches – Stores number of sandwiches
      byte Collectables – Collectable items such as the Compass and Telescope. Change to 0xFE to unlock all
      byte EnableInsaneMode – Unlock insane mode. Change to 0x01 to enable
      int Padding – Empty space that is not used, int32

    Below is a dissection of a character entry.

    Resized to 69% (was 871 x 604) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    The character structure begins at 0x6F in the extracted block and continues from there on for each character.

    Resized to 58% (was 1035 x 607) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Alright, modify the block to your liking. When you are done, select the extracted block (Ctrl + A) and hit Ctrl + C to copy the block. Return to your profile, same offset as we left off and hit Ctrl + V to paste the block onto your profile.

    Resized to 72% (was 837 x 608) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Resized to 74% (was 816 x 608) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Now, close your profile and rehash and resign it. Then, transfer your profile back into your HDD/MU, overwriting if necessary.

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