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splatsters Mar 18, 2011

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    Ladies & Gentlemen finally we can remarry BD boards to different consoles.
    The file was just posted over at DemonHades by one of the members (max1985)
    Put these onto a blank usb stick (not the devusb folder, just it's contents)
    & add a 2.30, or possibly other version PUP file.
    Put in the servive mode dongle and get into factory service mode.
    Put the newly created USB stick into port 0 (closest to the reader) and run.

    I have not done extensive testing yet, but have just remarried a BD board from a 60gig launch to a 40gig console.

    Link to files:MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    Before you begin, make sure you are at or below 3.15. If you have 3.55 installed, you will need to use the modified 3.55 downgrade files first, then downgrade to 3.15 or lower and then finally begin the procedure.
    It would appear that older 256meg nand Ps3's need to goto 2.30. Newer 16meg nand Ps3's should be fine from 3.15
    Change your dongle to "Factory Service Mode"
    Copy files from the folder downloaded above (the contents of the devusb folder) to the root of a blank usb stick
    Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP from 3.15 (or lower if your system can handle it) to the USB stick
    Put the USB stick into the right side USB port on the PS3
    Put the Dongle into any other port (furthest left is best)
    Power off the PS3 using the power switch at the back
    Turn the power back on
    Press power then eject within .2 seconds
    Wait until the PS3 turns off then press the power button on the front again.
    The USB will now start to flash and do a "Drive Init" then install the PUP file.
    The system will turn itself off again.
    Power on and play a BluRay movie until the movie starts.
    Remove Dongle and Usb Stick then insert "Exit Lv2diag" stick (aka Lv2diag file 2) into the same port it just was in the Ps3 (furthest to the right)
    Press power to exit "Factory Service Mode"

    Update: It would appear that older 256meg nand Ps3's need to goto 2.30. Newer 16meg nand Ps3's should be fine from 3.15
    Update #2: I have a USA console here (I am in Aus) and it is not restoring BD playback. Model is original launch 20gig. This will be a work in progress and try to figure it out. In a nutshell, some drives may not get BD playback but will be able to play games etc etc.

    Update #3: If you have a 256meg Fat PS3 - Read On.
    As we are all aware by now, downgrading kills BD playback on 256meg fats. Made even worse now by the fact we may be using a drive we dont even know the history of, right? Wrong, history is just that now if you have access to another 16meg PS3.
    Insert the NEWEST BD movie you can get your hands on into the 16meg PS3 - Latest release from a video shop is advised. This will update that system & drive with the latest HRL
    Marry the drive you want to use on the 256meg fat
    Remove both the drives (mark them if you have to)
    Place the drive from the 256meg onto the 16meg system and marry them up.
    Update the firmware on your 16meg Ps3 to whatever you normally use.
    Insert the NEWEST BD movie again into the drive now on the 16meg
    This wil update the drive with the latest version of HRL
    Swap the drives back over and get the DRL files from the BD disc (or find them online) and transfer them to the 256meg fat PS3 in the dev_flash3 folder overwriting the ones already there.

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