[TuT]Easy 15th Prestige/Quick Ranks, No Boosting/Glitches!

Dash May 20, 2011

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    [font="Verdana][size="2"][font="Verdana][size="2"]I Reached 15th with 10d2h39s So I count that [/size][/font][/size][/font]
    [font="Verdana][size="2"][font="Verdana][size="2"]as pretty fast. Here's how i did it.[/size][/font]
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    [font="Verdana][size="2"]Levels 1-14
    Playlist: HC HQ
    Weapon: MP5k
    2nd: LAW
    Perks: Ghost, SoH, Ninja.
    This works because it's very easy to kill people, so you keep a decent K/D w/ a weak gun, as well as getting Ghost Pro relatively quick because you shoot so many spy planes down.

    Levels 14-27
    Playlist: S&D/Demolition
    Weapon(s): Famas/Ak74u
    2nd: LAW
    Perks: FJ, SoH, Ninja
    This is the setup i used because i was holding a more powerful gun so i could kill people while still shooting air support down.

    Levels 27-50
    Playlist: Anything with a To2 or More
    Weapons: L96/Ak74/*
    2nd: Strella
    Perks: FJ, SoH, Marathon
    This is my favorite because using the sniper gets you a lot of points if you get one shot kills, while the Ak is so cheap you can kill anyone. Still using the strella to shoot Airsupport.

    -Always have on something to shoot down air support, you get lots of points.
    -You're not bad or *** because a nerd says you are, use the Ak74 or Grenade Launcher, Hard scope if you have to. i still think your cool.
    -Use killstreaks you can get, if you struggle to get 5 kills, dont run dogs
    -Play combat training so you can learn the map, learn spots to snipe, or wait around the corner.

    My Killstreaks I've ran throughout all my Prestiges:
    1st- Spy Plane, Need to know where they're at.
    2nd- Napalm Strike, Very versatile, it blocks off a whole section of map if used right.
    3rd- Chopper Gunner. Way better than dogs, and moves around for you.

    Hope this helps people who are struggling.

    *Additional Notes:
    ~Don't Boost, You'll Get Reset
    ~Don't buy dumb things, save your money
    ~Wait to buy prestige titles until you get the perks, guns, and attachments
    ~Carefull Running Demolition b/c People Are You Saying You Can Get Reset, I Doubt it Though.[/size][/font]
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    [font="Verdana] [/font]
    [font="Verdana][size="2"]+ Rep = Thanks button?[/size][/font]

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