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    The only reason you would ever play this is for points right? Because Toy Story 3 is not exactly the most hardcore title to have on your Gamercard, the justification for playing this unless you are ten years old or below, are slim at best.....

    Except if you are into playing Zurg because Zurg rocks. However check the Zurg trailer below, because unfortunately Zurg is only playable on a PS3 which kind of sucks. How come they get an exclusive evil character and the Xbox 360 gets nobody? Maybe because Sony own half of Hollywood, who knows. If you are playing this for points it would have be a little more tolerable playing an evil character I can tell you.

    Toy Story 3 is due June 15
    Achievement List
    Train Catcher - 10 points

    Finished Loco Motives

    Off the Hook - 10 points

    Finished Hold the Phone

    Defeat Zurg - 10 points

    Finished To Infinity and Beyond

    Carnival Conqueror - 10 points

    Finished Fair Play

    Rocket Launcher - 10 points

    Finished Witch Way Out

    Making a break for it - 10 points

    Finished Hide-N-Sneak

    Mashing the Masher - 10 points

    Finished Trash Thrash

    Muffin Massacre - 20 points

    Finished Muffin to Fear

    The Collector - 120 points

    Gather every collectible in the game

    Mapnipulator - 10 points

    Explored all the objects on the map

    Sneaky Sneaky - 25 points

    Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm

    Space Ranger Elite - 25 points

    Reach Zurg’s base without losing all your health

    True Carny - 25 points

    Achieve gold on all carnival games

    No Toy Left Behind - 25 points

    Rescue all the orphans on the Train

    We can rebuild him - 25 points

    Collect all of Zurg's Parts

    Memories - 25 points

    Collect all of Andy's Memorabilia

    Townspeople Hunter - 25 points

    Find all the hidden townspeople

    No Claw Required - 25 points

    Find all the hidden aliens

    Really holding all the cards - 30 points

    Find all the Special Cards

    Holding all the Cards - 50 points

    Find all the Regular Cards

    Welcome to Town - 10 points

    Finish the Woody's Roundup tutorials

    Gold Super Star -100 points

    Collect all the Gold Stars

    First Sale - 5 points

    Buy a toy from the Toy Store

    Toy Collector - 50 points

    Purchase every item in the Toy Store

    Pict-O-Amateur - 25 points

    Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missions

    Pict-O-Collector - 25 points

    Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missions

    Pict-O-Master - 50 points

    Complete all Pict-O-Matic missions

    Spooky Town - 10 points

    Purchase Sid's Haunted House

    Cuddly Town - 10 points

    Purchase Lotso's Enchanted Glen

    To Infinity… - 10 points

    Purchase Zurg's Spaceport

    Airborn Ranger - 10 points

    Hit 15 Paratrooper targets

    First Bronze - 5 points

    Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challenge

    First Silver - 10 points

    Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challenge

    First Gold - 25 points

    Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challenge

    Photojournalist - 15 points

    Complete all Toy Camera missions

    Secret Achievements

    Secret Achievement - 25 points

    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Secret Achievement - 40 points

    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Secret Achievement - 75 points

    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement

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