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Bullet May 13, 2012

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    The Top Five Facebook Apps

    With the rapidly increasing demand of Facebook in the cyber world it has become one of the most usable social networking website. The most attractive feature of Facebook is its various appications. They are very attractive and so good that now a days people use facebook all around the world. Here we have listed Top 10 applications of Facebook which are going to be very useful and entertaining for Facebook lovers. Let us drive through the following list.



    FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, available as an application on the social-networking website Facebook and as an App on the Apple iPhone. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and trees, and raising livestock.
    Mafia wars


    Mafia Wars is a multiplayer browser game created by Zynga. It was the 2009 Webby Award People’s Voice Winner in the Games category. It is available on several social networking sites and on the iPhone.
    Static FBML


    Add advanced functionality to your Page using the Facebook Static FBML application. This application will add a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.
    Twitter For Facebook


    This application helps you to connect Twitter with your facebook account. Thus it is a really time saving and profitable application for those internet surfers who are users of both Twitter and Facebook.
    Bejeweled Blitz


    Bejeweled is a puzzle game by PopCap Games, first developed for browsers in 2001. Three follow-ups to this game have been released by Popcap Games. Blitz is a one minute timed version which can be played by linking to Facebook, or in an offline mode. More than 25 million copies of Bejeweled has been sold and has been downloaded more than 150 million times.

    What Facebook apps do you use and recommened?

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