Top 5 Shooters of 2014

Nasyr Dec 24, 2014

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    At the end, or coming near, there is always assessments and accomplishments of all the games through out. Do I feel 2014 was the best gaming year? No. Do I believe 2015 will be? Absolutely. There is just one thing these top 5 games have in common, and that is the advancements of technology and knowledge. As most of you have come across... There is some games out there that lack a sense of accuracy or realism. I underlined those words because they are infact important. Games such as the cod series has accomplish major leaps with aiming and shooting accuracy. Some games can have you shooting at a person for a few minutes but, initially it does not recognize it. Common sense tells you here that, games do and will fall quick do to this particular reason, not many can figure out how to make there systems better.

    Okay, so to get to it... As I would of expected, Cod Advanced Warfare takes the lead at first in the leaderboard of top 5 shooters. Coming in right behind but, a little far back, is Destiny. I actually find this very surprising, not sure about you guys. Then to come in third is Far Cry 4. Haven't played the Far Cry series but, I heard that one is especially good. And then to come in fourth is Titanfall. I feel this game really was only fun for a week then quickly got bored, they needed to add more to it. And lastly to end to top 5 count is Wolfenstein. This game has received some great ratings from gamers so, I think it's worth a try. So.. After hearing those ratings and ranks of the shooters, what do you think? Do you think there is for sure another game out there that can top the rest, for sure?
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