Top 5 Resolutions for Online Gamers in 2012

XPG Paddy Dec 30, 2011

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    Tomorrow marks the last day in 2011 for everyone, not just gamers. While people have made, and are still making, their new year’s resolutions, we’re here to suggest five that online gamers should be using. Why? Because online gamers are just ridiculous now. There’s a plethora of things for gamers to work on in the multiplayer arena, but we’ve assembled our top five things we want gamers to work on for 2012. Continue reading for the list!

    5. Play With Your Team – While it could arguably be higher, most gamers forget the importance of “teamwork” in multiplayer games. While there are definitely free-for-all modes in various games, it’s a “team”, so it’s about time you act like it! Play a game of team-up in NBA 2K12 and you’ll find the point guard shooting the ball 40+ times a game. Jump in your favorite shooter and you’ll find Rambo reincarnated dying in the same spot every round literally killing your team’s chances to win. Regardless of the game, think of your teammates and actually work as a team in 2012.

    4. Turn Down Your Music, Bro. – There’s nothing quite like the glorious background noise of inaudible music in a game session or in the lobby. It’s cool to play music while you’re playing your favorite video game, but just don’t subject everyone else to it. If you’re playing online, check to see if your speech bubble is consistently going off. If it is, you’re probably the reason for everyone yelling in the lobby. Oh, you can’t hear them? We hate you.

    3. Hey, It’s Your Fault Too! – A loss is a loss. It’s very rare that a loss can be blamed on everyone else on the team except for one person. If you looked at that statement and defended it, it’s more than likely you’re the type of gamer we’re referring to. No matter if you went 30-4 or 4-12, every person has a fault in a loss. Yelling obnoxiously at your teammates, cursing them out in lobbies, or sending messages to them after the game does nothing but make them not want to play with you online. Don’t like the teammates you have? Back out and invite a few friends, if you still have any that will play with you.

    2. Sharing is Cool, We Promise! – If you’ve ever played Gears of War, you’ve no doubt ran into the gamer who takes the sniper rifle (or another power weapon) every single round. If someone else happens to beat them to the weapon then all hell will break loose with a verbal assault on the microphone. Oh, we’re on the same team? It doesn’t matter, because someone is power hungry. Playing a sports game and someone doesn’t want to pass the ball? We feel your pain. Think about your teammates in 2012 and remember that they paid $60 to enjoy the game as well.

    1. Where Are You? – Easily the most frustrating, there’s been nothing worse in 2012 than gamers who join a multiplayer session only to not actually, well, play. Playing Battlefield 3 and spawning on your teammate who is “AFK” in the dessert? Frustrating. Teammate being spawn killed throughout the entire match? Frustrating. Playing co-op with a friend who is driving the car and you suddenly crash and burn? Frustrating. Final teammate in your match is in the spawn and the enemy has to find them? Oh boy. Do us a favor, if you’re not actually going to play, then go back to the menu until you’re ready.

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