Tomb Raider Xbox One Is A Timed Exclusive

Bullet Aug 13, 2014

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    Microsoft announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be coming exclusively to Xbox platforms. However details around the exclusivity were sketchy to say the least. Cystal Dynamic were slated by Sony Playstation fans on the official Tomb Raider tubmlr page where they posted an explanation for the exclusive deal with Microsoft.

    So far there are well over 7500 comments on the tumblr page most of which are unsurprisingly from angry Sony fans. However the mood is changing now as Phil Spencer has confirmed that that the exclusivity deal is only for a limited time.
    During an interview with EuroGamer Spencer admitted that the deal with Microsoft was for a limited duration, but he didn't commit himself to say for how long the exclusivity was for secured for.
    Spencer also acknowledged the anger this news had caused amongst the Playstation community:
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is set for a holiday 2015 release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Other platforms are yet to be confirmed.
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