Preview Tomb Raider Guide to Survival Episode 2 Explores the Island

Rocky Feb 6, 2013

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    Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released the second episode in the Tomb Raider 'Guide to Survival' video series, looking at the inhospitable island Lara finds herself marooned on and the base camp she'll come to rely on as a fast travel hub and resource management spot.

    You'll be able to upgrade Lara and cobble together invaluable items that'll aid her in becoming the intrepid explorer and tomb raider, while salvaging certain items will enable you to explore otherwise inaccessible areas on the island, where you'll find more items and artifacts.

    Check out the latest Tomb Raider 'Guide to Survival' trailer below to find out more about the fast travel system, Lara's base camp and the gear gating mechanics. Tomb Raider is out on March 5th.

    Vid >>

    Source - X360A

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