Titanfall Will Include More Than Just Mechs (Contains Spoilers)

Rocky Feb 18, 2014

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    Titanfall is a game in which mechs fight mechs, men (and women) fight mechs, and men fight men (or women), and [SPOILER ALERT] there's monsters too. (Eh?) That's according to pages in The Art of Titanfall book, which is set to fly onto bookstore shelves on February 25th. Tucked within the pages of the tome, are concept paintings of a variety of beasties set to feature in the game.

    Apparently the monsters in question "will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them." That potentially means that Titanfall's battle between the IMC and Militia could be the tip of the iceberg, with winged creatures, four-legged beasts and all manner of vicious fauna possibly getting involved. You can see more in the IGN video below.

    As well as the startling revelation that Titanfall will include monsters, The Art of Titanfall also includes details on maps, weapons and even vehicles, such as the Gorilla Tank and Drones. Maps include Colony, Boneyard, Corporate, Overlook, Nexus, Airbase, Outpost 207 and Lagoon, with each boasting its very ow backstory and origins. There's even mention of other planets, including the "red giant" Demeter, an IMC stronghold used as a refuelling station for long-distance jumps.

    Weapons mentioned include the Arc Cannon, which can fire lightning at multiple targets, the Rail Gun, able to shoot high-damage plasma bolts, and the Avenger, which looks like a hefty chaingun. There's more to find out in the video, but obviosly, be wary of spoilers.

    In case you've been living under a rock, Titanfall's beta is in full swing, and is open to everyone on Xbox One. Titanfall will be out on March 11th in North America and March 14th in Europe.


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    Ooooohhhhh this sounds very very interesting

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    The flying beast are there to pad out the space i guess. Playing the beta i found some of the Hardpoint's took a while to get too and you may not see another player or AI for quite a time.

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