Titanfall player count criticism comes from assumptions of other shooters, says Respawn

XPGBuSh Jan 24, 2014

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    Titanfall designer Justin Hendry has suggested that backlash surrounding the shooter’s 6v6 player cap comes from assumptions surrounding other shooters that perhaps allow for greater player-counts.

    It follows confirmation that Titanfall will not include a microtransaction model.

    Speaking with OXM, Hendry said of the player-count issue, “No, it’s not annoying to me. I didn’t really think about it. I guess we’re confident with the decisions that we’re making, and we agree that the gameplay is best this way.

    He continued, “I think when people get the chance to play they’ll hopefully understand. People have a certain amount of apprehension based on the games they’re playing right now, and that they’ve been playing. I don’t blame them for having that outlook, and saying that they’re going to be bored – they’re assuming things based on what they’ve played, and I understand why people do that.

    “So it’s not annoying at all, I get it, but I just hope that people give it a chance and make their minds up after they’ve played the game.”

    After having played Titanfall last year, I wrote a blog about why 6v6 probably isn’t something you should worry about.

    Source - VG247

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