TitanFall: limited edition strategy guide revealed

Bullet Dec 3, 2013

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    Details of a strategy guide for the highly anticipated Titan Fall have appeared on Amazon. There will be two different versions of the guide according to Amazon in the form of a standard paperback version and a hardcover limited edition.


    The standard paperback version is 352 pages long and covers the unique gameplay mechanics of the multiplayer-focused first-person shooter. The strategy guide promises to provide advanced tips for playing as pilots and titans. It will also talk about the two warring fractions. Also included in the package is free access to the eGuide, which includes more digital extras such as screenshots and videos to compliment the text. The standard version will retail at $24.99

    The hardcover limited edition features 16 additional pages. The extras include a behind-the-scenes question and answer section along with a tour of Resapwn Studio, the development team behind “TitanFall.” The hardcover copy will retail for $34.99

    Both copies of the strategy guides will be available on the release day of TitanFall. The first person shooter release on March 11th on Xbox 360, Xbox One and pc.

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