Titanfall: June update adds new game modes

Bullet Jun 12, 2014

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    The latest update for TitanFall will see the introduction of two new game modes 'Marked for death' and 'Wingman' as well as burn cards for Titans which will include amped weapons and other enhanced capabilities as well as Titan customization options.

    Marked For Death:

    Marked for death is an exciting fast paced six VS six game mode where one player from each team is “Marked for Death”. Each team will need to protect their own marked player while hunting down the enemies marked Pilot. Once a target is killed, new Pilots are marked.


    This is a smaller version of Last Titan Standing with only 2 players per team in a versus match. All other matches are 6v6 , this is the first downsized match available in TitanFall which will suit players that want to play an even more tactical version of Last man standing.

    The new Titan features allow you to choose brand new decals which will be unlocked by completing challenges ( not micro transactions yet!) also you will be able to pick the voice for your Titans too.

    As well as these new features to both game modes and titans there was also an update to the matchmaking which now shows people connecting and also teams are better matched by rank resulting in fairer teams.

    There were also some of the smaller changes which included burn card overflow protection, new menu art and the ability for auto-titans to use smoke and particle walls.

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