Titanfall DLC Planned, Will "Evolve" With the Playerbase

Rocky Jan 29, 2014

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    EA has confirmed that it's already planning DLC for Titanfall (no big shock there), but the form it takes will "evolve" based upon the game's playerbase, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

    "Titanfall is a highly innovative game that's multiplayer driven and so we expect a lot of online engagement around that," Wilson stated during EA's Q3 2014 earnings call. "We're planning extra content already for the product, but in the nature of a large service, I think that will evolve over time as we see how the playerbase evolves through the year."

    Developer Respawn Entertainment has previously assured players that micro-transactions will not find their way into Titanfall, so you can rest easy on that front. Titanfall is out on March 11th in North America and March 14th in Europe, with a public beta planned for February.

    Source - X360A

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