TitanFall Beta Scam Warning From Respawn

Bullet Jan 30, 2014

  1. Bu

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    Warning: Until you receive official word from Respawn or EA games do not sign up for any TitanFall Beta's.

    I have seen a couple sites pop up now claiming to be giving away beta code downloads, one especially that people have been reportedly using is this 'Titanfall Beta Download site'.
    This site is an absolute fake and we can prove that just by looking at the sites source code and finding that it is associated with this other so called beta site for Cube World . The funny thing is both of these sites share exactly the same template too!

    EA Games have officially said that any beta news will be released on their official TitanFall site here. You will see there is a message on there that currently reads: 'The beta is coming. Prepare for battle.'

    So please check with the official sources before signing up to any beta sites at all. Betas for consoles will be available to download from the games consoles marketplaces, and PC version will be available from Origins.

    Here's a list of some official sources you can doubel check with:

    Titanfall Official website

    Respawn Entertainment Twitter

    EA Games Twitter

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    Nice one Bullet, Great post and heads up to people signing up for this ;)

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