TitanFall Alpha Images Leaked

Bullet Jan 17, 2014

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    Some Xbox One gamers have been lucky enough to get into the TitanFall closed Alpha that we reported on yesterday and images have already started to emerge showing the games controller layout, and game tutorials.

    Those lucky enough have had the chance to look around Hammond Robotics and see what it has to offer. The leaked images that turned up on Imgur show the initial loading screens, the controller configuration and then a sequence of tutorials in the 'Training simulator' at Hammond Robotics:


    Once the simulator starts players then learn how to do things like wallrun which will feature heavily in this game and will be a move you need to get down in order to survive. The more wall-running a player does, the faster they move and, ultimately, the harder they are to shoot.


    Titanfall takes first person shooters not only to a whole new level, but to completely new dimensions.
    Check out the images leaked below by GAFFall showing the training modes and let us know what you think below
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