TitanFall Alpha Gameplay Doesnt Look Like Alpha

Bullet Jan 18, 2014

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    If you like Call Of Duty, and you like Lost Planet, then you are going to absolutely go nuts for TitanFall.
    Respawn Entertainments latest title is set for release in March, and I have to be completely honest here, when I first heard a couple days ago that EA Games were sending out invites to play the Alpha version of the game, my heart sank. Given that in little over 2 months time the game is going to be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC if the game were really still in Alpha stage I would of been expecting yet another half baked rushed out title from a well respected games publisher, as that certainly seems to be the trend of late. However having seen numerous leaked videos of gameplay from the so called Alpha, I have to say I was pleasantly suprised with how good the game looks and plays, considering also that Respawn claimed that the current build is only making use of only 25% of the final build's textures and resolution.

    The game plays very well and moves seamlessly from playing on foot to jumping in a Titan suit and destroying the other 6 players..... erm yea and there's the only drawback of this game that I can see so far. If like me you are a FPS pro it doesn't take long to wipe out the small opposition and then you will find yourself running around looking for more kills.

    Even so this game looks amazing so far, so kudos to Respawn, I personally cant wait to get my sweaty hands on this cracking first person shooter, how about you?
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    The game looks great,to bad its only 6v6 plus bots.ima bitbummed about that..

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