Titanfall 2 Release Date +Single Player?

Nasyr Mar 25, 2015

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    The Respawn Developers have really been hard at work with the sequel of Titanfall. It is not confirmed nor have they led anyone to believe it may even be called something along the lines as 'Titanfall 2'. They do believe that this next game will bring many different availabilities as well as a set in stone team to work on making sure the game runs at 100%, at all times. Not only is that a huge plus but, the game will also be played on multiply platforms to follow! You should be expecting to see it on Xbox One, PlayStations 4, and the PC at the same time. Yet there is still no official release date.

    As many of you may have noticed, Titanfall was only a multiplayer game. It sufficed most fans of the game for about a month or so but then soon declined with not much other options to do in the game. Respawn Entertainment has compromised the idea of possibly adding a Single Player part to the game. Of course, as you could of guessed, they will not confirm that. Although they do mention more about it in minimal detail so, I would be suspecting it in the future games.​

    In an overall whole, I think Titanfall was good in the beginning. It got very boring quick, almost as if there was really nothing to do in the game. I feel there for sure should be a single player part of the game. Or even the possibility to play that single player with other friends etc.. As well as more kill streaks/rewards. Like something more fun to do with them that don't seem too over powered. Maybe a possibility of allowing you to call in an army of mini robots that attack both players of the game and your other Titans. That's just an idea thrown out there but I think something more needs to be done when players are trying to enjoy the game.​
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