Preview Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Will Not Feature Microtransactions

Rocky Feb 7, 2013

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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will not feature the Course Mastery system that facilitated the previous game’s microtransactions.

    In Tiger Woods 13 Course Mastery allowed players to unlock extra courses by earning in-game points. However, progress was so slow that players were encouraged to buy those points with real cash, a system that drew complaints from users.

    “We’ve taken that system out and are using a more traditional DLC approach,” franchise director Mike DeVault told IGN. The game will feature 20 courses as standard, with further courses becoming available as downloadable content.

    The news comes following the massively negative reaction to Dead Space 3’s microtransaction implementation, something we explored in-depth in a recent feature. It's a good job you can get around it, eh?

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 tees off on March 26th in North America and on March 28th in Europe.

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