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Rocky Jan 8, 2013

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    This week seems to be giving us a chance to catch up on the numerous uncompleted games currently piling up in our so-called 'pile of shame', as there are apparently no new releases on the Xbox Live Arcade this week.

    There are however a bunch of new add-ons to check out, including new tracks for F1 Race Stars, some Santana songs for Rocksmith and the multiplayer Assassin's Creed III Battle Hardened Pack.

    Elsewhere, you'll find deals on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC packs, as well as money off the game itself via Games on Demand. Speaking of which, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Just Dance 4 both hit the GonD service today too.

    Check it all out below, and why not snap up Swarm for a meagre 160 Microsoft Points while you're at it?

    Game Add-Ons

    Assassin’s Creed III Battle Hardened Pack - 8-Jan - 800 MSP
    F1 Race Stars Canada Track Pack - 8-Jan - 400 MSP
    F1 Race Stars Europe Track Pack - 8-Jan - 400 MSP
    F1 Race Stars India Track Pack - 8-Jan - 400 MSP
    F1 Race Stars China Track Pack - 8-Jan - 400 MSP
    Rocksmith Santana Song Pack - 8-Jan - 640 MSP
    Dance Central 3 "Whip It" - Nicki Minja - 8-Jan - 240 MSP

    Deal of the Week

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - 8-Jan-15-Jan (50% off)

    Arctic Strike DLC Pack - 400 MSP
    Raven Strike DLC Pack - 600 MSP
    Khyber Strike DLC Pack - 400 MSP
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Games on Demand) - £24.99/$49.99
    Leedmees - 400 MSP

    Scratch & Match

    Scarygirl - 400 MSP (Save 400)
    Pool Nation - 400 MSP (Save 400)
    Swarm - 160 MSP (Save 240)

    Chain Reaction

    Toy Soldiers Avatar Prop: Toy Biplane - FREE
    Toy Soldiers The Kaiser's Battle - 200 MSP (Save 200 MSP)
    Toy Soldiers Theme - 120 MSP (Save 120 MSP)
    Toy Soldiers Invasion! - 200 MSP (Save 200)

    Games on Demand

    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - 8-Jan
    Just Dance 4 - 8-Jan

    Source - X360A
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    personally I think its getting worse on there its been along time now since they had some really really good deals. When they did all those Xbox full games a few months ago for £2.99-£3.99 was good, yes some where crap and very old but there was some good deals and they did that in response to what Playstation Plus members are getting. I would never move over to Playstation I'm Xbox Member for life but they said as a response to PS+ Members getting really good full games for FREE every 3 months, M$ said they where going to step up and start doing great deals. I'm yet to see another. I looked on my rewards page on and the amount of M$ points I used to spend was a huge amount even had spent over £100 in a month some times well lately I have dropped from average fully paid for things on XBL went from a average of 15 things to 6 which in my mind shows there has honestly been F-all to purchase.

    I really hope it gets better :(

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