The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Patch Coming Soon!?

Nasyr May 28, 2015

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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is said to be receiving a patch on the game for many Xbox One gamers. The game on the Xbox One was really poor with it's sequencing of the quality, unlike how it was on the PlayStation 4, which is odd. Now the game is said to get a 30 FPS lock on the game to even out it's performance and maximize the quality without a trip in the system. Although this is the third game in the series that is developed by CD Projekt RED, it is still the most searched, talked about, and reviewed among other games facing it. Could this mean the game is successful in general? Or it's consistent gameplay is what drags people in? In this case, I find it to be both.

    The tweets that confirm this follow:

    stay_scialla @stay_scialla
    "@Marcin360 why don't lock the framerate on 30fps on x1?"

    Marcin Momot @Marcin360
    "@stay_scialla The lock should be there in the upcoming patch. 7:47 AM - 26 May 2015"

    Many people may also be excited on the revealed news of the two free DLCs that they are planning to put out. A free DLC, that intrigues me right at the word Free. This game has astounded me at it's constant successes and consistencies within the game. I have never been so happy to look at a game and say "wow." Not only is it the most searched game on the web at the moment but, it's probably on the rise of the top 10 most popular games to come out as well. It's net worth/growth will most likely reach over $15 million in my opinion.​

    What do you think of the new free DLCs?​
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