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The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Review

GamrInsanity Apr 14, 2012

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    The Witcher 2 isn’t your normal RPG. It has a sense of feeling where you, as the player, need to care about everything you do in the world and how others are interacting socially. The game has an old school feeling when you meet the different races and some of them are quite cruel while others are kind and willing to help you out. The kingdoms are in the on the urge of war, led by careless kings who play their personal vendettas out on the battlefield without any regard for their armies’ lives.

    Who do you play during this quest of sex, lies and murder? You take control of Geralt of Rivia. An un-heroic monster hunter with a few memory problems and always has his way with the ladies. Sworn to impartiality to what happens in the state, he quickly finds himself to be a criminal and must find his own path to his past to find himself.

    The control system is where this game really shines. Although the beginning of the game has the player pressing the controller in awkward ways, it should take the player about 45 minutes and it just becomes natural. You get to watch violent finishing moves and lethal strikes that are the backbone of all good melee combat, and slow-motion will slow down the action when selecting spell, bombs and more. Spells change the battlefield and how your enemies react, while oils change how much damage your blade makes.

    One of the biggest tips is run. If you know you can’t win a battle or you didn’t meditate before hand to create the necessary items to make the battle easier and more rewarding. Run away.

    The world has a bunch of quests and side missions to keep you going for hours. Head to a local tavern and you can participate in fist fights or gamble to keep yourself busy between questing. One of the best things about the narrative is when you take on a side mission it still feels like it has a purpose in the world. You never see a karma meter so when you pick a option that alters the story you don’t wonder if that was the right choice or not. The game is meant to be played over and over to get different stories and see other locations.

    The enhanced edition of the game includes the entire six hour game with an additional 4 hours of content that make’s this the definitive version of the game.


    The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is the same amazing fantasy that it was on the PC. The extra content and adds value to a already lengthy story. This is an ambitious and absorbing game that’s not just for the gamer looking to get a peek a digital nudity. It has beautiful cinematic moments and a complex combat system that and RPG fan will find fun and exciting. This is one of the best RPGs to come out in quite some time so set aside some extra time to enjoy the world of politics, racial tensions and sexual experiences that are meant for an adult. This game has a Mature rating for a good reason.
    Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure!


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