The story and histroy of naz1 zombies for cod waw.

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    And here what happen so far:....
    Well it took some time for may people to find this out please make sure you check out these vidoes if you're really understanding my story.... bar 4848n 37146*pause* 115 mini* alarm* 4840 i hope you hear everything i say over the transmission im saying peter over. if you're not then all hope is lost By now you must know that we've failed to contain the asylum. now we have to move the experiment over here. The number will guide you the giant (Der riese) must static at all costs.Reapet derese must be contained at all costs.The details of the experiment contains...*Static*...may be our only advantage now ...D.r Max they may know whats going on... The use of element 115 dangerous at best. I'm not sure if we could continue here.We've lost most of our best... *Static*, I hope you get this. I hope it hase'nt happened there too.But im almost out of hope.605406396. 1015544.94 Well you might be confusede i'll tell you about that later but first the histroy,As you can notice there is a box in the other side of shi no numa open the door from tyhe first room or downstaris and to the the stairs that are near the flogger there is a box that says 115 that is element 115 a real element which is contained on the periodic table of elements the direct link is at the bottom The element is the elment used to create wunderwaffe DG-2 as it was found by scientists after several meteor crashes in russia der riech and shi no numa the substace was taken to the giant a.k.a der riech. It was also sent to Verruckt it was studied in both places as you can see the german charecter in shi no numa Docter Richtofen was fired from his job when WW2 broke out. He then joined the naz1 military and started studying element 115 in der riech. Back at Verruckt the scientists who were also stdying element 115 somehow the elment broke out into radiaction and made the zombies rise form the underground... It is unknown if Der Riech got outbraked by zombies or not..At stroage in shi no numa you can see the meteor and as you could see in with a wunderwaffen there is electricity coming out of it there is also electricity coming out of the meteoThere is then the flaming hell hounds as you could see if you crefully watch the dogs texture it is similar to the surface of the meteor. If you go out to the entatence of the storage door(t=The one that leads you to it) if you look carefull as demenstrated in one of the videos it say's Tunguska. Tunguska refers to Tunguska event which was an explosion of a meteor 3-6 miles away from Krasnoyarak krai of Russia.That explosion occured on June 30th, 1908. The air blast from the explosion was mersured at 10-15 megatons of TNT.10-15 Megatons of TNT is 1,000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. The nextt part is a scene that is in the first vidoe and is part of Veruuckt in map pack 1. I In the side with M1 Garand the upstaris, if you go to the kitchen there are many writing's they are similar to the digits i included in the first parts it say's :193824069:21 thats casaully known as :06-24-1938 (June 24 1938) On June 24 1938 450- metric-ton metriote exploded about 12 miles above the eaths surface near Chicora., Pennsilvaynia. The number 9:21 is a bible verse it describes the same things the zombies do. There is a mannequin being hung from the ceiling it looks familiar to the person hanging form the ceiling in shi no numa well thats peter he hung himself after the he had no way out. As you could notice the hand in verruckt there is a hand hanging from the electricity switch thats peters hand on it if you carefully look at peter in shi no numa his left ghand is gone he hung himself after he had no way out.. On June 24th 1948 a meteor named Tunguska hit the earth. Scientistas found two things in it.One of them was element 115 used to make wunderwaffe DG-2 and another called derese its an alien substance taken to area 51..they tried to study these things at the asylum. But everything went wrong and they had to move it to the swamp.Then everyting went wrong at the swamp too. everyone died exepect for one person He tried to contact someone named Peter. Then back to Richtofer He then moved to shi no numa with his experiment (wunderwaffe DG-2) and created docters quarters and made the zpline so he could quicly experiment then zombies came to the area later Dempsey,Takeo and Nikolai, came to see whats going on........

    And yes this is a copy and paste but still f-ing cool story right?

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