The Last Of Us How To Upgrade Weapons Contains Spoilers

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    A Workbench is used to upgrade firearms to make them more powerful. In order to upgrade them, Parts are needed, as well as Tools upgrades.


    As Joel acquires Weapons, tools, and parts, he can use them to make his weapons more powerful, such as faster reloading and adding a second gun holsters. In order to make upgrades, Joel needs the right amount of parts and tools to make them.


    The Outskirts: At the museum's basement, after escaping the infected through a garage door.

    Bill's Town: At the church's basement.

    Pittsburgh: There are two locations.

    The first one is in an office right before the kitchen in the hotel, after Joel escapes the basement.

    The second one is in a building, on the second floor by going through a garage door.

    The Suburbs: Inside one of the houses.

    Tommy's Dam: In the dam control room, on the left side.

    The University: There are two locations. The first one is in a room where Joel obtains theFlamethrower.

    The second one is in a science lab, on the left side where Joel first entered the building.

    Bus Depot: There are two locations. The first one is in a tent, right before Joel enters the bus.

    The second one is in the hospital's ventilation system, in the first room, where Ellie lets Joel in.List of Upgrades

    Here is a complete list of upgrades. Not all weapons will use the same upgrade.

    Weapon Holsters:

    Adds a second holster for a pistol or long gun.

    Armor Piercing: Rounds fired by the weapon can go through armor.

    Clip Capacity: Lets the weapon to hold more rounds before reloading.

    Draw Speed: Allows you to draw the weapon faster.

    Fire Rate: Allows you to fire the weapon faster.

    Power: Rounds fired by the weapon deal more damage.

    Range: Increases the range of the weapon.

    Recoil: Decreases the kick of the weapon.

    Reload Speed: Allows you to reload the weapon faster.

    Scope: Adds a scope to the weapon.

    Spread: Increases the spread of the weapon when fired.

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