The Division Open Beta Details Leaked

Bullet Feb 1, 2016

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    Thank you very much Xbox Italy! The Italian Facebook page has leaked details about The Division Open Beta. So if you didn't get into the closed beta, do not panic, you will get a chance to Play Ubisoft's anticipated title.

    The Division is getting mixed reviews so far, a lot of gamer's reporting that it could be a Call Of Duty killer, while others claim that due to the games bad coding, it will be plagued with online cheaters. You can read more on the client side hacking claims here.
    Ubisoft deny all claims that hacking is possible due to bad coding and things such as ammo and player speed being client side. They instead claim that this is merely a glitch and will be ironed out by the March release date.
    Anyway, enough about the hacking drama, lets talk more about the open beta that will be taking place on February 16 – 21. There will of course be a 24 hour exclusivity deal on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.
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    Woo, open beta! I've been in every beta since the technical testing, loved every one of them, however, the map is very very small in beta, which makes it boring.

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