The dawn of a new era. (next gen)

poying55 Jan 7, 2013

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    I'm quite young and i was lucky enough to see and own a PS1 even though I was far too young to appreciate Silent Hill, FF7, Syphon Filter MGS. And I even got skipped over by the ps2 xbox generation I was a PC gamer then Competitively. And casually. But now I finally acquired an xbox in this dying age of this gen of consoles.

    I noticed the achievements of how far we've gotten. The best graphics to date. Even the simplest games had details barely anyone noticed. Most people complain about buggy games and trash games. As GAMERS isn't it our duty to appreciate games for what they are and the stories they tell? Also game developers, some might be a bit money grubby, still deliver. Yet the dawn of insane DRM and extremely annoying anti-piracy measures have been surfacing. And the utter lack of insightful work some has done. Some even simply go for graphics, some don't change formulas for good, some just feed us countless rehashes of their games which become a Michael Bay movie of sorts. I fear for our beloved medium of entertainment.

    Half-Life 3 still has not been shed some light upon. DRM and anti piracy becoming an issue. money and the attempt to get rid of used game selling by the dumping of dvd physicals completely. Why can't we all live for the games together, gamers, and developers. Bring us rich tales and beautiful graphics and let us simple gamers appreciate it. I know money is needed but don't take away our pleasures that we can barely even attain without stealing.

    Man, I'm scared of what the next gen has in store.. Yet I cannot wait. hopefully fresh baked goods come our way and all this idiocy comes to a halt. I know I was all over the place but it's 3 am almost down here..

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