The Darkness 2 All Multiplayer characters have 99999 esscence[gamesave]

savstar Feb 14, 2012

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    File Name: The Darkness 2 All Multiplayer characters have 99999 esscence
    File Submitter: savstar
    File Submitted: 14 Feb 2012
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    This is another modded save from me, I have set all multiplayer - (Vendetta mode) characters to start with 99999 esscence points. So you can just start a level in vendetta mode and get the achievement for maxing out one of your characters in vendetta.

    Also this save contains all the modded stuff my previous Ultimate modded save contains.

    So you can get more than half of the achievements for this game within approx 5min.

    Also if you start a new game + on like the second or third level, I have max esscence for jackie, and no skill sets purchased within the skill tree or any skill trees maxed out. So you can get like 3 achievements for just maxing out all 3 skill sets and skill trees.

    If not just try playing the last chapter on new game+ mode to see if you can max all skills out then.

    All these achievements can be obtained, by playing the last chapter of new game plus mode, and you just have to get 1 kill that corresponds to the achievement you need.

    ie. for ready for the big leagues - just throw a shield at an enemy and the achievement will pop.

    And for swarm king, just swarm 1 enemy for that achievement to pop and make sure to swarm them and then shoot them. Use the info I have given to obtain the rest.

    Remember to asign the save with your profile id, console id and device id, then rehash and resign. This can be done with 360revolution or horizon, whatever your choice.

    Hope you enjoy, just remember to give me credit where it due and please +rep for my efforts for creating the saves.

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