The Crew Beta Registration Now Open

Bullet Sep 4, 2014

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    The Crew closed beta is coming to Xbox One and PS4 and you can now sign up for it at the official website. There is a waiting list so it isn't clear if everyone that registers will get into the closed beta.

    "The Closed Beta is coming to PS4 and Xbox One!
    Register to join our waiting list for the chance to be among the first who experience The Crew on consoles!"

    To register for a chance to play on 2 main regions in 5 cities with 30 missions with over 66 landmarks, 200 skill challenges and a whopping 6200 miles of road, you will need to sign up with a U-play account.

    As always keep in mind that this beta does not represent the final state of the game and many changes will be applied before the final release on November 11. This Closed Beta will be available in English only.
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