Text Tutorial on Getting Stand-In Achievement

iJohn May 9, 2011

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    Part 1: Fuse and Power

    Your going to want to turn on the power first. After that, head on down to PHD Flopper where you will find this door.

    Knife it and you will hear the main characters talking.
    They will tell you to get a fuse. Get the fuse here. It is mostly here, but can be in the closet, or the table next to PHD

    Go back downstairs and Hold "X" against this power box

    Part 2: Destroying the Generators

    After you have installed the fuse, the characters will tell you to destroy the generators. They all must be destroyed with explosives. The first one is across from you

    The second one will be in the second window of the Stamin' up building

    The third one will be on the bridge that leads back to the main spawn around here

    The fourth and last one will be at the front of the ship, off in the distance

    Part 3: Getting the Green light, and entering the actions

    After you destroy all Generators, you will have to do the following code on the following items
    Spin this wheel twice to the right

    Bring the left lever down once

    Bring the right lever down 3 times

    The green light should appear

    Part 4: The Tricky Part (Getting the Golden rod)

    First your going to want to shoot a zombie with the upgraded V-R11

    Next hes going to start running into the green light. As he does, your going to want to shoot him with the Scavenger at the exact time he is floating up

    And voila the golden rod appears

    Go back to the door, and hold "X" against this tube

    The fuse will start sparking again, so just knife it

    Achievement, Wunderwaffle, and Completion

    After those steps are complete you have completed Stand-In

    You recieve the wunderwaffle, the achievement, and a Takeo gamerpicture :D

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