Ten New Achievements to Earn in RAAM's Shadow DLC

creelum Nov 19, 2011

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    Excited for the upcoming RAAM’s Shadow campaign DLC? Hell, of course you are—a riveting new story, a dynamite cast of new and returning characters, and ten new achievements to bolster your Gamerscore. Just for the Gears community, we’ve got a little taste of the challenges to come in RAAM’s Shadow, with your first look at those ten achievements just begging to be earned. Don’t forget: RAAM’s Shadow debuts on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on December 13th for just 1,200 Microsoft Points—or, for Season Pass holders, the sweet, sweet price of free.
    • Welcome to Zeta - Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign on any difficulty. (25 points)
    • Some Friendly Competition – Completed “RAAM’s Shadow” in Arcade on any difficulty. (25 points)
    • Help from my Friends – Completed “RAAM’s Shadow” in 4 player co-op in Arcade or Standard Mode. (25 points)
    • Finger of Doom – As RAAM, kill 50 gears using your Kryll. (15 points)
    • I’m Rubber, You’re Glue – As Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets using your shield. (15 points)
    • Death from Above – Using the Hammer of Dawn Command Center, kill 50 Locust. (15 points)
    • Unarmed and Dangerous – Using the Loader, kill 10 Locust. (15 points)
    • Ghosts from the Past – Play 10 matches of Versus as a member of Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, or Valera) (Standard or Casual). (15 points)
    • Foreshadowing – As RAAM, execute Minh 10 times in Versus MP (Standard or Casual). (25 points)
    • Zeta Team, Go! – Complete waves 1 – 10 of Horde with 5 players as Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, Valera, and Jace). (75 points)

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