System 'LiNK' Checker (with friends list now)

sT3pUp Jun 14, 2013

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    Well i started this mess off so i guess i should be posting it on it's official sites now that i see copycats are coming out of the closet.

    (virus check lastest version: here)
    v1.00 Download v1.00 Here
    -Has the ability to search individual users.

    v1.01 Download v1.01 Here
    -Added a auto-updating game list that shows users per game online.

    v1.02 Download v1.02 Here
    -Added the ability to have a friends list
    -Threaded my game list, and friends list loader to get rid of GUI lag
    -Added a lil test gamerCard thingy

    -redid the GUI so that it can now be any size on the monitor (with a font size comboBox)
    -added a treeview friends list, so that you can drop down each friend for extra data
    -added a data relay that checks my DB first for valid searched data, to take stress off LiNK

    Known Bugs Being Fixed:
    - I see in my database all types of time formats, so people with the same friends if i'm on US time format and your system is default to your countries default time format, we will get error in the program regarding time format. Trying to get a universal format on the timestamp so maybe with ticks i don't know yet just thinking, this one should be easy to fix.
    - Also known about is little small problem when re-sizing my 'user's per game list' array. also a easy fix and for now just consider if the last game is listed twice that the last one is always old data.

    -- v1.03 Pics --
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    And for the phone lovers like myself with a quad core, 2GB ram phone (Nexus 4) I present the Android Version <- very beta
    ---> Android Version Pics [​IMG] <---

    download LiNK
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    its very limited but this could turn out to be a great tool

    keep up the good work ;)

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