Steam Machines Are 8-12 Times More Powerful Than Next-Gen Consoles?

ADDZ Jan 20, 2014

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    Steam Machines Are 8-12 Times More Powerful Than Next-Gen Consoles?

    When it comes to discussions of raw power in gaming hardware, PC enthusiasts are almost always the first ones to speak up. After all, with constant innovations in processor technology, it seems appropriate that some of the latest and greatest computers would outshine a console that's several years old. What about the brand new setups we see in PS4 and Xbox One? Do they hold a candle to some of the industry's best GPUs and a trusty i7 Haswell CPU? After all, that's what will be powering Valve's so-called lineup of Steam Machines that will be hitting the market very soon.


    As originally posted by Futuremark Studios, (via Liberty Voice) the stats showcase no major surprises. When talking of PS4 versus Xbox One, Sony's box supposedly muscles out its competitor by about 50% thanks to the inclusion of a more powerful graphics processor. However, the real debate here is in relation to Steam Machines. Are "master race" members really correct in calling the newest batch of consoles weak? If you go by just these numbers, the answer is a resounding yes. Similar GPUs performing on Windows outpace what happens in a new console environment, and the gap gets even wider when you begin to calculate differences in CPU offerings. When all is said and done, it was said that a decently expensive Steam Box has about eight to twelve times more power than both of the most recent console releases.

    It's important to note however, that the standardization of hardware and operating systems that often allows consoles to flourish is not fully taken into account by these benchmarks. Regardless, the numbers are interesting.

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    no surprise there really,my pc alone blows away both xbox one and ps4,so a steam machine would wipe the floor with em.

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