Stealth Server & Game Source Files

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    Stealth Server & Game Source Files

    Hello! All my hacker/modder buddies, I got bored and thought I would drop this here. This seems like a nice community & way better than the usual places I hangout. I will try and keep this short as I can but below is a compiled collection Ive got of stealth server sources. What these basically are is a method that allows you to connect your jtag/rgh online. You have 2 types: Host files & offhost/offline files. The host files is what you typically use when connecting to stealth servers. Offline files are rarer & not that supported. The offline files have been updated to the latest dash, so no need to worry about that.

    Here is a picture of what the Stealth looks like, if anyone wants to know. (Link)

    Before you can use any of these you will need a few things. Below is a list of what you need:

    ***Host Files***

    1. 2010 VS studio ultimate installed

    2. Full installation of xbox neighborhood(this contains the XDK needed to actually mod)

    3. Either your home computer(don’t recommend) or VPS. I use

    4. Xamp or some kind of mysql databased install onto the VPS.

    ***Offhost Files***

    1. 2010 VS studio ultimate install

    2. Full installation of xbox neighborhood(this contains the XDK needed to actually mod)

    3. Just take the .xex file after you run the SLN in VS & set it as 2nd plugin in dashlaunch, then connect.

    Also, please understand you will need to ensure that the files are updated to the latest dash. If they are not Please click on the link below for a tutorial on how to update to the latest dash. Xbox hasn’t update the 360 in about a year, since they don’t seem to care that much anymore it may be a while before they do. You may also need to update the gold spoof hashes as well. They load from the xam.xex, I will provide you the current ones below as well, but when there is a new dash I would check to see if they need updated. You can do this by using IdaPro. Also before I forget, you will need a kv.bin to get online.


    - 17526 Gold Spoof/xam patches(Link 1 Code)(Link 2)

    - How to update any new dash for a Stealth Server(Link)

    - IDAPro 6.6 (contains all of the xdk no need to add anything just open it up with your .xex file)(Link)
    - IDAPro 6.8 & Hex-Rays: (Link)

    I am also dropping my collection of sources files for mods. That’s mod menu’s as well as PC mod tools. These contain files from battlefield, GTA, Halo, COD(of course). In order to use the PC tools, you need to be connected to xbox neighborhood & have the proper. xex set in plugin 4 or 5. Which are JRPC.xex/XDRPC.xex, RPC.xex, etc. To use the modded menu’s, just set in dashlaunch.




    Stealth Server (host)Sources(Link)

    Stealth Server (offline)Sources(Link1)(Link 2)

    Mod Tools Sources/Collections(GTA, COD, Halo, Battlefield)

    -Astro 2 & Armory Source(Halo)(Link)

    -Huge Source Collection for Halo, COD, BF(Link) -Credit to Centos

    -Septic Mod Sources(Link)

    -Collection of GTA V mod menu’s(Link)

    -Kurana Crack GTA(Link)

    -Superiority Crack GTA(Link)

    -Purge GTA Mod Menu(Link)

    -Halo Mods Folder(Link)

    -Silent’s Ultimate Modding Package(Link)

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