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Resolved Star Wars: Force Unleashed II

anthonymcintosh Jun 8, 2012

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    Jun 8, 2012
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    Well I have downloaded a game save from this website and I have access to 360 revolution, I just dont know what to do now, I want to use the game save that I have and play it on my xbox i have an external hard drive that already has game data on it, it does not have any profiles but there is game data on it. So how can play the file of force unleashed 2 on my xbox using 360 revolution. BTW i am not really tech savy so it will have to be dumbed done. Also what does it mean to Rehash, and Resign?
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    Theres tutorials on how to achive this in the forums.

    How to gamesaves and how to use 360revolution..

    The searchbar is your friend!
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