Star Wars beta will not include offline play

ToxicGas Oct 3, 2015

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    The star wars battlefront beta that begins next week will include a taste of the sci-fi shooter's survival mission mode. However this will not be playable offline in the beta, EA has now confirmed. For the full game, you will be able to play these missions without an internet connection as announced previously.

    The survival Missions in Battlefront beta is set on Tatooine. You can play it either by yourself or with a griend through the online co-op or local Split-screen, The goal of it is to fend off waves of imperial forces.
    The Battlefront beta, which will be open to everyone on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, also includes the 40-player Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes. In addition, beta players can check out the Battlefront companion experience through its website to earn items for the main game.
    Fans don't have to wait much longer to check out the Battlefront beta, as it begins on October 8 and will run through October 12. The beta file size is 7 GB on PS4/Xbox One, while the PC edition weighs in at 11 GB. PC players can pre-load the beta starting on October 7.
    Battlefront launches on November 17, about a month before Disney's Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters in December.
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